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...Rise, fall, down, rise again...

August. Normally I'm surprised at how fast time passes, but this time I'm not. I knew that embarking on the 6 months I had planed from February through July was going to make it pass by in a heartbeat.

In 2010, I've been to 20 cities in 13 countries - and that doesn't include Switzerland (where I currently live) or the US (which I took a business trip in February). Thirteen countries! While one the last weekend in January, for all intents and purposes that's 13 countries the 5 months of March - July. And when you consider the final one was the first week in July, it's really 4 months and one week.

In other words, I was traveling ALL THE FUCKING TIME! I planned so I was traveling roughly 3 out of every 4 weekends. I would take Friday - and often Thursday - off and skip off to yet another country. For my Scandinavia trip I took nearly 2 straight weeks off. I've seen a lot. I've done a lot. From the watery alleys of Venice to the breath-taking cliffs of Cinque Terre; from the topless beaches in Nice and Cannes to the Eiffel tower in Paris; from the Fjords in Norway and Sweden, to the old amusement park in Denmark; from the pyramids of Egypt to the Parthenon in Athens; and more!

I even snuck in heading to the first "Big Four" show in Poland and of course the "Big Four" show in Zurich. Both of which were highly memorable experiences and I'll have reviews up, eventually. However, I was sad that they did not play together at either show and Switzerland refused to allow the broadcast of the Bulgaria show in theaters here. As per usual in Switzerland.

Finally, I'm beginning to settle back into "normal" life. It's nice not to be constantly packing and unpacking, on planes and off planes. To just sit on my couch and watch some TV, go out to drinks with friends, etc.

Well, that's about all for now. Talk to you all soon!



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