What is IPOM?

The Insanity Palace of Metallica is a website originally thought of in July of 1997 for the purpose of being one place that would provide all of the Metallica information out there. One place with the latest news, the full setlist of nearly every show ever played, a comprehensive FAQ with information on the band history and the members, and a place where people could come to discuss the best band in the world.

Since it's inception, IPOM has grown into one of the largest Metallica sites on the Internet and continues to provide unique features no other site out there has.

The History

IPOM began back in about July of 1997, when webmaster Phil found AOL's homepage maker and decided he wanted to get his Metallica knowledge to anyone who wanted to find it. When he realized how bad that idea was, he decided to learn HTML. Learning HTML, and then redesigning a larger, but still static Metallica site, IPOM was born (for the actual second time, but we consider its actually conception) August 9, 1997.

While that was an improvement, it still wasn't good enough. After learning and integrating more technologies (Perl, CGI, and more), the site was redesigned and moved to on June 5, 1999. This task was not accomplished solo however. By this time others had come on board to help. Our current staff changes, and you can see who's with us now at Who is IPOM?

The move to marked the site becoming incredibly dynamic and interactive. The ability for users to submit content that was immediately available on the site transformed IPOM into one of the premiere Metallica sites on the 'net.

Since then most of that user content and most of our own content has moved into databases, become searchable, editable, and more easily accessible. Sections are continually added and improved to this day.

Through all these changes, one thing has remained exactly the same, and that's our purpose. Our purpose is to bring you the most Metallica information as soon as possible. That includes the best news, tour dates, setlists, FAQs, and other fun stuff like Lyric Theories and virtual reality worlds too!

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