Technical Information

I (webmaster, Phil), have provided some technical information about for those who may be interested.


The static HTML code on this site is typed out by hand by either myself or the other staff members. HTML Editors are not used on

However, very little of the HTML you see on IPOM is static anymore. The majority of it is generated dynamically. The dynamic parts of the site are driven by a set of CGI scripts written in perl and backended by data in a MySQL database. I write my scripts in vim.

Thanks to IcoJam for some icons.

Thanks to Spackle image editing work.

Thanks to Naomi Reeves for all her help putting together the pick section.

All scripts, HTML, and content is copyrighted Phil Dibowitz, unless otherwise stated.


We are hosted by Linode. Stats are often provided in our newsletter, and are available upon request. All IPOM Staff members have their own email addresses, and email accounts are administered by myself.

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