Thank You!

IPOM has grown from nothing into a large scale Metallica website. There are so many people there are to thank for that. Below are the people we can think of, if we forgot you, sorry, we thank you too!

Metallica, The Metallica Club, Jeff McNiel, Dan Walpole (and Inter Sandman), Dan Nykolayko, Jeff Yeager (and Chapter, Inc.), Jameson Calantoc, Simon Milburn, Steve Wiig, Katina (and Chapter of the Mad), Robert "Elvis" Reisinger, Gerben "Big Cock" Kok, Liz Ross, Liz Lawler, Mark Devito, Josh Ashman, Kamil Puczka, Grzegorz Suchanek, Andreas Alker, Gautam Penumetcha, John Bidwell, the IPOM Staff, all the visitors, and everyone else who has helped out along the way. See the Picks section for special thanks to donors. If we forgot anyone, sorry, we thank you too!

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