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Cliff Burton Welcome to the IPOM Archives. Way down in the depths of IPOM, in the very darkest corner of the basement, lie the archives. Here you will find old pages that used to be sections, or subsections of IPOM. News pages for albums that are already released, etc., are the types of pages that will be held here. On some of the pages from the 90's you can see how bad the original design for IPOM was and how far we've come.

In order to be faithful to our past we've tried not to update the HTML, style or content. However, we have tried to make sure the links still work and some changes to make the pages continue to work were required.

Staff Letters (08/29/10)
Rants and stuff from us!

Some rare MP3s for you!

It was - for a long time - common to exchange links. As IPOM became more popular rather than maintain a list of links manually, we setup the site so anyone could just post a link to their Metallica site, and every now and then we'd remove dead or abusive links. However, this is no longer a common practice on the internet, so overtime the number of links just slowly diminished. We no longer allow submissions, but the section as-is is preserved here.

Virtual Palace
This was a virtual reality world you could fly around in. For it's time in the late 90s, it was a very impressive experience to fly through structures covered on Metallica album covers and pictures of the band. It was written in a technology called VRML which is virtually non-existent today. If you would like to play with it, you can try the Corona3D viewers or View3Dscene.

Member Vitals
This was a small page with just the vitals. It was supposed to be expanded to biographies, but that never happened. Since this info is on the FAQ, it had no purpose.

Reload Updates
This page was a subsection in the News Center. It carried news about Reload before its release and news about its progress after that. Come read about its success, or relive the anxiety of learning about ReLoad bit by bit.

Reports and Interviews
This page consists of two subsections that were in the "Newz Center" (now News Room): Reports and Interviews. It's a collection of reports on special events such as a nice collection of reports explaining the Philly Show scandal, and a very interesting interview.

Whiskey in the Jar video summary
A summary of the video by are then-graphics guy Doug Erbeck.

MGI's Press Release
Before the Byte The Lightning CD-ROM even had a title, MGI released this press release about the making of the CD-ROM.

When James and Francesca had their first child we put together a collection of links on pre-natal and newborn care.

Welcome to
Our letter when we first moved to!

IPOM has it's own IRC Chat room! Check this page out for instructions on how to get and setup an IRC client, and get to our room!

A piece of software was part of the inspiration for the Metallica Discography. It also gave us the idea to have a forum where developers can have their Metallica related software posted. Enjoy.

The guestbook was the first "interactive" area at IPOM and was part of IPOM from 1997 through 2009. In our 2009 redesign we officially closed the guestbook. We keep all entries here for posterity, but it's no longer open for new signatures.

Before the days of Discogs, we worked to keep a complete discography of all of Metallica's releases. However, these days, Discogs is the best source for this.

Like Discography above, our Reviews section is obsolete in an era of Discogs. The site let people submit reviews of bootlegs so others could decide which ones to buy. We've kept the existing ones there but we no longer allow submissions. Discogs is a great source for this these days.

Back in the day, Metallica's official site didn't report all the news around the band, you'd only hear about major releases there, so one the first big services we provided as a comprehensive news section. However, these days there's no better source for news than the official site, and our news section was providing no added value (and even just keeping up with their news was a full-time job), so we archived it in 2023.

Message Boards
A message board for people to chat on. No longer needed in the era of FB groups and Forums.

An archive of online chats the band once did from back in the early days of the internet.

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