Blackened Batches

Metallica's Blackened continues to make and release new batches all the time. While they do a great job of keeping track of the playlist for each batch, they do not show you a list of what batches were special, what strengths they came in, etc. So this page aims to do that.

Blackened comes in two strengths:

Batch Number Strength Comment Playlist by
81 standard original batch all 4 band members
82 standard James
83 standard Lars
84 standard Kirk
85 standard Rob
86 standard James
87 standard Lars
88 standard Kirk
89 standard Rob
90 standard James
91 standard Lars
92 standard Kirk
93 standard Rob
94 standard James
95 standard Lars
96 standard Kirk
97 standard Rob
98 standard James
99 standard Lars
100 standard Box Set Rob Dietrich
Box Set Playlist Edition - Kill 'Em All
Box Set Playlist Edition - Ride The Lightning
Box Set Playlist Edition - Master of Puppets
Box Set Playlist Edition - ...And Justice For All
Box Set Playlist Edition - Binge & Purge
Box Set Playlist Edition - Through The Never
Box Set Playlist Edition - Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct
Box Set Playlist Edition - Helping Hands
101 standard Rob
102 standard Rob
103 standard James
104 standard Lars
105 standard James
106 standard S&M2 edition Tracklist of S&M2 minus the symphony-only songs
cask S&M2 - only available in FL and KY
107 standard James
108 cask TX edition Lars
109 cask IL edition Rob
110 standard? Kirk
111 cask NM edition Rob
112 standard The standard strength from this batch has no special designation Rob Dietrich
cask Master Blender Signature Release
113 standard? Lars
114 standard Black Album edition Tracklist of Black Album
115 standard James
116 cask "The Golden State" (CA) edition Kirk
117 standard Rob
118 standard Rob
119 standard Metallica
120 standard Metallica
121 standard James
122 standard Metallica
123 standard Metallica
124 standard Metallica
125 standard Metallica
126 standard Metallica
127 standard James
128 standard Lars
129 standard Metallica
130 standard Metallica
131 standard James
132 standard Lars
133 standard Metallica
134 standard Metallica
135 standard James
136 standard
137 standard
Blackened x Wes Hendersen standard Rob Dietrich and Wes Henderson
Blackened x Willett standard Drew Kulsveen and Rob Dietrich
Exclusive Store Pick Playlist - Bevmo! standard Bevmo!
Exclusive Store Pick Playlist - Binny's Beverage Depot standard Binny's Beverage Depot
Exclusive Store Pick Playlist - Total Wine & More standard Total Wine & More
Rye The Lightning standard Double-cask finish; Limited edition rye
72 Seasons standard Limited edition for 72 Seasons release

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