Virtual Palace

If you don't see a black box, with the cover of Reload inside of it, you do not yet have a VRML Plug-in.
Virtual Palace is IPOM's own Metallica Virtual Reality area. Using VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), IPOM has created a GALAXY, of VRML worlds. All are linked together, via hyperlinked objects. Different objects in the main world are links, all you have to do is click on them, and you will go to a new world. The "back" button on your browser can be used to return to the main world. Please keep in mind that graphics do take a small while to load in VRML, so please be patient. If you see a gray object, it is because the graphic for that object hasn't loaded yet. There are a total of 5 worlds including the main one, so look for 'em. Many of the links are very easy to see, but some of them are a semi-hidden, so you may have to look around. Have fun!

There are other VRML sites out there. We've attempted to make ours as original and different from any others as possible. Inspiration for a VRML world came from a variety of places including: Inter Sandman (InterSandman's VRML site is no longer there), Planet 9, and The Easy VRML Tutorial.

A Plug-in IS required to view VRML worlds, and we suggest Cosmo Player, for both Netscape and Internet Explorer. Another good one is Intervista's Worldview, but we prefer Cosmo. Click here for basic instructions on how to operate each one. Additional Plug-Ins can also be found at Microsoft, and Netscape.

Virtual Palace Entrance


*Tested with Cosmo Player 2.0 in both IE and NN 4.0.
*Also, Please Note: A new browser window will open up for the VRML world.
*If you have a slow computer, or a slow connection, we don't recommend you click on the "Jump in the Fire" picture, the page linked to it demands a lot of computer resource.

How To

Cosmo Player

To walk when using the Cosmo Player plug-in, have the walk button selected (white), then put your mouse somewhere in the window and drag it in the direction you wish to walk.

To get to a different altitude, so that you can see an object better, select "Slide" , and turn Gravity OFF (blue). Then put your mouse in the window and drag in the desired direction (generally up or down)

World View

To walk when using the Intervista World View plug-in, hold your mouse over the big arrow, down near the bottom of the screen. Click & hold, and then drag in the direction you wish to walk.

To get to a different altitude, so that you can see an object better, right click your mouse anywhere in the window. A pop-up menu will appear. Most of the selections open up to the left to reveal more choices. The top, if I remember correctly, is called "Mode," and in there you can change your mode from walking to flying.

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