Congratulations Jaymz and Francesca!!

IPOM would like to congratulate Jaymz and Francesca Hetfield on their first child, Cali Tee Hetfield born June 11th. In honor of this wondrous event IPOM has put together some links and information on babies and prenatal, and postnatal care.

It is very important for a mother to take good care of herself and her baby BEFORE conception, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. If you are planning to have a baby, learn about prenatal care before hand for you and your child.

Below are some links to websites that will provide you with information on how to take care of you and your baby (men, there is information for you at many of these sites also). We have briefly checked these sites to make sure that they were not just selling baby products, or anything, all of these sites provide information on baby care for free. What more could you want?

Prenatal, postnatal, and all around baby care

Prenatal Care

Baby World - Baby Care

The Babies Planet

The Parent Zone

Pampers Parenting Institute

Kid Care Connection

Please note: We do are not responsible for any of the content of the above sites. Although we did briefly scan them, we have not read in detail their information. So, please be careful and use common sense. We wish you and your child good luck.

Please report any broken links, or problems to the webmaster.

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