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This page is specificly, and only for updates on ReLoad. Check this page out often for the latest newz on the upcoming album!

The Facts

-Official Lyrics: ReLoad Lyrics. Taken from the Japanese lyrics, but with all the errors corrected.

-ReLoad sold 435,411 copies in the FIRST WEEK!

-What happened to "Martini" and "My/Mine Eyes"? "Martini" turned into "Where The Wild Things Are", and "My/Mine Eyes" became "Low Man's Lyric".

-ReLoad is now at #1 on Billboard's top 200 beating Barbra Streisand's, and Celine Dion's new records. (11/25)

-ReLoad is currently out-seeling the Spice Girls' "Spiceworld" in Britain, knocking it right off the top seller spot!!!

-ReLoad will only include partial lyrics, just as Load did. Also, there are MANY live pictures inside, same as Load, and th back has live picks, and the tracklist. Thanks to for the info.

-The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Serrano's art on ReLoad's cover is entitled "Piss and Blood XXVI". Thanks to for reporting this.

-Radio debut of "The Memory Remains" will be 11/5/97 at 9pm EST. Thanks to for the info.

-IT's CONFIRMED!!! The setlist that was reported here as a rumor, has now been confirmed by The Metallica Club!! It's as follows:

ALSO The Memory Remains single will be released as follows:
Internationally- Nov. 3rd
North America- Nov. 11th

And will contain:
North America - 2 track CD and cassette single
International - 7" (UK only) and 2 track CD (International):


"The Memory Remains" Video
Metallica filmed the video for "The Memory Remains" on Oct. 21st, and 22nd on a specially constricted film set. It was filmed in Van Nuys, CA, directed by Paul Anderson, and has guest vocals by Marianne Faithfull (as does the album recording)
Please Note: Most of this is taken directly from the Metallica Club Website

-METCLUB reports "The Memory Remains" single will be released November 12th!!!
PLEASE NOTE: Changed back to 11/11
-Metal Edge Reports on the ReLoads, including different songs, their different sounds and the overall sound. [Click Here for transcript]

The new single "The Memory Remains" is scheduled for an 11/11 US release, with a 10/28 radio debut. There is also SAID to be 2 imports of it, which are SAID to include things such as demo's of "Fuel", "The Memory Remains", and possibly "Low Man's Lyric", amongst other goodies. Look for it 11/11!!

-According to MTV, the video for "The Memory Remains", was/is being taped in LA. MTV will report on the recording of the video the weekend of 10/24, at 7:30pm EDT Fri, Sat, and Sun.[Click Here for a transcript]

-Steven Wiig reports on the ReLoad tracklist. According to him this is the traklist IN ORDER:
1. Fuel
2. The Memory Remains
3. Devil's Dance
4. The Unforgiven II
5. Better Than You
6. Slither
7. Carpe Diem Baby
8. Bad Seed
9. Where the Wild Things Are
10. Prince Charming
11. Low Man's Lyric
12. Attitude
13. Fixxxer

He also reported on the sounds of some songs, but I'm not going to post that, cause the article is an exclusive to a chapter I belong to.

-MTV's Week In Rock (weekend of 10/24) will have some info about Metallica shooting the video for "The Memory Remains".
PLEASE NOTE: This will be on at 7:30pm EDT Fri, Sat, and Sun.


ReLoad Info Compilation

I know that there is a lot of info on this page about song titles beeing confirmed, possible, or denied, and it get's very confusing, so I put together this compilation:

The following are things that we KNOW about ReLoad

-It's called ReLoad
-It comes out
  • 11/14 Japan
  • 11/17 Worldwide
  • 11/18 North America
-It WILL include Devil's Dance (Jaymz said that a million times while on tour), ALTHOUGH that might be a working title, and therefore might change.
-The following tracks will also be on there (once again, titles might change)
  • Fuel
  • Fixxxer (or Fixer or Fixxer)
  • Martini
  • Unforgiven II
  • Bad Seed
  • Mine eyes (also listed places as "My Eyes")
  • The Memory Remains (with guest singer Marianne Faithfull)
  • Low Man's Lyric
  • (and as I said earlier) Devil's Dance
So that's 9 out 13 songs we know
***Please note, that it has been speculated that "Mine Eyes" has turned into "Low Man's Lyric"
-First Single will be "The Memory Remains" (with guest vocalist Marianne Faithfull) (also, noteworth is the fact that Inter Sandman miraculously has the lyrics to this)
-ReLoad is more "dense"
-Jason has had a lot of writing imput on ReLoad (I think I heard one of the songs is completely writen by him)

The following things are possibilities, rumors, or probablities

-"The Memory Remains" single is rumored to be released 11/10 (source:IS)

-"Better Than You" is another possible song (small peice can be heard on FanCan #1 CD)

-"Lenny" is a song I've seen in 2 or 3 places. I'm thinking that it could be made up, by someone using logic of Ronnie being on Load (if you don't get what I'm say don't worry), but it could also be very true, if you use that same logic.

-Other rumored track lists are at IS, but I'm not going to just copy them, talk about ripping off.

-Another song for ReLoad has been confirmed, it's called "Low Man's Lyric", and The Metallica Club has said it to be a ballad. It was played at the Bridge School Benefit Concert, on Oct. 18th. (Check General Newz for details on that show)

-The first single from ReLoad called "The Memory Remains". It features guest vocalist Marianne Faithfull, a folk singer from the 60's. (rumored release date is 11/10)

-Mark DeVito confirms the following 6 songs for ReLoad (there is no guaranty that these titles won't change)... Thanks MightyHet
Bad Seed
Unforgiven II (or 2 or two, or too)
My Eyes

-Metal Edge had an interview with Metallica (well Jason, Kirk, and Lars, but not James) for 2 1/2 hours. Some new songs were reported, which were "Bad Seed", "Unforgiven II", and "Fuel" was also confirmed by the band to Metal Edge. Although it's not mensioned, I'm sure Devil's Dance will be on there (but possibly under a different name. Here was his post:

Date: Tue, Oct 7, 1997 02:21 EDT
From: MtlEdge

Right now I'm so tired I can barely see straight and have to proof/edit two articles before I can go to bed, but Metallica was definitely worth it. I got a total of 2 1/2 hours with Jason, Kirk, and Lars (in that order) and some photos in the studio including James but not of the whole band together.
We talked about the new album extensively, the Load 'sellout' issue, tour plans (International first; sheds late summer), the movies in the works, feelings about the Net/online, etc.
I also got to hear six songs, some of which will get title changes; my favorites were a slamming song called "Fuel" and another heavy groove rocker called "Bad Seed." I also heard a cool sequel to "Unforgiven" that may be called "Unforgiven Too" (or II)--it's a new arrangement and has new lyrics. There will be 13 total. I'll have more when the transcript's back"

-Marianne Faithfull is confirmed to be singing on a track from ReLoad. (Now confirmed to be "The Memory Remains", which will also be the first single)
-ReLoad!!!!!!! It was confirmed ny the official Metallica Club, that the next album will be calles "ReLoad"!! It will be released Nov. 14 in Japan, Nov. 17 Worldwide (except USA), and Nov. 18 in the US.

-New lyrics to Fuel!! Fuel was played at the recent European Festivals, with NEW LYRICS!! Lyrics are available at my Album Lyrics Page. If you want to know where to get the MP3 of the new version E-mail me.

-From Jaymz himself! Album #7 will have 13 songs. 1/2 the guitar and bass is done, and 3 of the vocals are done! Also a line form Fuel-Fuck 'em man, White nuckle tight.

-Approx 30 songs were made during the Load sessions, 14 of the most complete ones made Load, the rest will be album #7.

-2 of the songs are done and just need mixing: Devil Dance and Fuel. Fuel is A WORKING TITLE, and very well might change!!! (Lyrics available, on my lyrics page: Album Lyrics)

If you have anything to add please e-mail me at: Thank you!

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