Whiskey in the Jar video summary

By: Doug Erbeck

Video starts out with an outside shot of the house they are in. Can see that a party is going on through the windows (left upstairs room is green and right upstairs room is red... (I'm guessing this is wall paper cause they are in the video too... but it looks cool through the windows) and you hear some glass break. Then the shot moves inside and focuses first on James (playing is green flame guitar and wearing a black Harley (with that eagle logo thingy) shirt). Kirk has on a purple shirt with a black coat over it. Jason has a dark shirt on (looks bluish-purple black to me, with a long sleeve white shirt under it. Lars has some kind of funky collared dress shirt on. Then the shot pans over to a door way in the house where a blond comes running through with a beer in her hand. Next is a shot of a black lady holding a couple beers followed by several other women drinking. Some also have shot glasses. Then James starts the lyrics. The shots turn to women helping each other drink and then women circle smoking. Then they start to jump on each other and lay across each other on the couch... and a shot of two girls coming down the stairs holding beer bottles is shown. (the pattern here is pretty much show some of the band playing then switch to shots of the party... then back to the band... etc.). Ok I just noticed a little thing I didn't notice the first time... during one of the shots of the band... who are usually positioned in a circle like fashion... there is this girl in between them on her knees on the floor with what looks to be a hand held video recorder. Ok then lots more drinking... and then the two girls go upstairs... they are clothed at first. They get to the bed room and take each others clothes off. They roll around a little... completely topless (censored) and then someone comes in through the door holding what looks to be a fire extinguisher. (i find this odd, but anyway) mist is sprayed everywhere... and the next shot is of many girls running down the stairs and behind them... one completely drunk one tumbles head over heels down the stairs. (ouch) and behind her comes a wooden table... which hits her at the bottom. The girls have now broken out the whipped cream and are spraying it on each other a bit (drinking is still being showed... another pattern throughout). The food fight continues... whipped cream and other foods that are laying around on the counter. Then there's a scene of a girl with a black bikini bottom on falling over a passed out girl laying on the floor into the bathroom. She's headed for the toilet. You then see her puke... first from a distance... then very close up. After her little puking session... she sits by the toilet smoking a cigarette with one leg bent up... showing her entire leg down to her butt. Then another shot of two girls running up the stairs together. (another recurring theme). The girl who was puking is now rolling around on the floor (looks as though she's in pain... almost clutching her stomach). Now most of the girls are in the same room as Metallica dancing around with each other. The video goes to a shot of a girl stumbling into the bathroom... she sits down and starts to go to the bathroom. As the girl gets off the toilet... you see a girl passed out in the bath tub. Mean while the others have started to "play fight" with the pillows (feathers everywhere)... after a pig pile... it then shows the girls writing on each other with markers. Then the destruction... starts... the lesbians in G-strings... start destroying the house... first the TV is thrown from the second floor window. The Jason throws a small wooden piece of furniture through the window and flips over a wooden and glass coffee table like piece of furniture. Then glass is smashed... bottles hurled through the window... booze being sprayed and spilt everywhere. James then smashes a lamp and Jason kicks at a bunch of book shelves. Jason jumps on top of another piece of furniture (this one very small, and it collapses) glass bottles and plates are then broken by the feet of James and Jason and Kirk... Lars now has a baseball bat... or big wooden leg of a table... (definitely looks more like a baseball bat) and is swinging at stuff... including his own drum set... a chair also hurled at his drums. The continue to break stuff as the song ends... smashing guitars and using their guitars to smash through things (Jason does this) ... lars still swinging the bat... and at the end jason throws another kick at the shelves and lars comes over and tips them over... the video ends as it started... and outside shot of the house... with a visible party inside.

© 1997 - present Phil Dibowitz
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