Staff Letters: Dave

My last letter was…way too long ago. January. So since then I have been to Italy and India, finished the second year of my MBA program, celebrated my niece's first birthday, and started a new job. Italy was fun with my mother, India was different, and now that I'm over six months removed from that trip I can finally say that yes, I would go back. My first day in India, I get off the plane just around midnight/1 a.m., take 2 hours to find my luggage, worrying the entire time that my ride would not be there. Fortunately it was, and then he took me through tunnels and winding parking lots to his car where we had to ask a few other cars to move, since he had been soundly parked in. The ride to the hotel was... ludicrous. I spent the day at the hotel, met up with some classmates, and then that night we go to dinner, which involved... disconnected street lights and the accompanying live wires, dark streets with people living in them, wild dogs chasing us (I am not new to wild dogs, we just happened upon a territorial dispute), a homeless camp with raw sewage, and my first real Indian food. Welcome to Gurgaon. My new job is not bad, I go to the PGA Championship next week, my niece is walking, and the end of this round of school is in sight. Only missing a couple things, but all in all life is not bad. AND I go back to see Ed in a couple weeks; I haven't had anything new in over five years! Even my sister calls me to ask when Metallica's coming back stateside because she needs a fix... this is getting bad! Have a good month.



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