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Date: 1998-11-24
Location: New York, NY - United States [31 shows here]
Venue: Roseland Ballroom [2 shows here]
Fan reviews: 1 - Add yours!
Setlist: Yes
Well, the day went good. I left school at 12 as I usually do and hopped on the train. I got into the city at about 1:15 and went to the Virgin Megastore to pick up my copy of Garage Inc. Unfortunately, I didnt know, but if you pre-ordered Garage Inc. there on Friday, you got a pass to go to the record signing that Metallica was holding there from 4-6, so I got my CD and got on the Roseland line at about 1:30. There were about 11 people in front of me at the time, and I still didnt have a ticket.

At about 2:00 some lady behind me had an extra ticket, and just had to wait for the club reps to get there, so I got my ticket for $75. They let us in at about 7:00 and Battery came on at 7:30. Battery's set included Creeping Death, Master Of Puppets, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Sanitarium, Seek & Destroy, One and Fade To Black. They got off stage at about 8:30. Before their last song, Metallica came on stage, and were joking around with Battery trying to cut off their hair.

So at 9:00, they boys came out on stage and started playing this blues type version of the Die part in Creeping Death and went into Die, Die My Darling. As what Dave said about the Chicago show, a lot of people were wondering what the hell was going on and why they werent playing Unforgiven ll or Enter Sandman. I got a bunch of cool pictures from the show and Jason smiled for one too. They played so many great songs, new and old and it was without a doubt in my mind, not only the best Metallica show ive ever been to, but the best show in all that Ive ever been to. It was a perfect night, being that close to the band, I almost caught a pick from Jason, but almost dont count, but it was without a doubt, the greatest.

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