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Date: 1998-11-19
Location: Chicago, IL - United States [32 shows here]
Venue: Aragon Ballroom [3 shows here]
Fan reviews: 1 - Add yours!
Setlist: Yes
Y'know I got home last night, and I was too sore to take a piss. I woke up today and checked on the reviews that some people wrote, and they all said the Metallica show at the Aragon Ballroom was mediocre. I've got 2 words for those folks...fuck off. Once again, and it needs to be said again...fuck off. Man, this show was nothing short of amazing. Here's a review of my day:

I got down to the Aragon around 3 o'clock, and got in line. In a couple minutes, I recognized a few faces from the Pecatonica show this summer, and also started talking with a few other people. A pizza truck showed up around 3:30, and the guy opened his doors, put on RTL, and started selling pizza and hot chocolate to us folks freezing our asses off. A couple of the guys I was talking to went to one of the more than 20 liquor stores on Lawrence Ave. and came back with a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps to help keep us warm. Time passed and we talked and had a lot of fun, and by the time the doors opened, we had polished off 2 bottles of schnapps, some aftershock, and some tequila...we were warm and very buzzed. They let us in and everyone went in fairly slow, so I got a second row spot to begin with. The guys from Battery came out and set up their equipment, and then started the show. Their setlist was, in no specific order, Creeping Death, Master of Puppets, For Whom the Bell Tolls, King Nothing, Sanitarium, and Fade to Black. They were pretty good, though they didn't really compare to the boys themselves. There were 2 bitches behind me and some of the guys from outside that wouldn't shutup until we let them in front of us so they could see. Well, we let them, and then they complained that we were pushing on them and asked us to stop...kind of hard to do when there's 4000 people behind ya. Well, Metallica came on, and then they started getting crushed, along with most of the people in the front row. The security guards had to pull them out, and I wound up in front row. As for Metallica a show, what a damn good show. They opened with Die Die My Darling, and it was like an explosion. The whole night kicked ass. Some of the crowd got quiet...they didn't seem to know what was going on...that was their tough luck. It was so damn good that I can't even tell people what the highlights were, because the ENTIRE show was a highlight. It was also extra special because Kirk was cool enough to come out and play the shows, instead of postponing them. He was obviously in a lot of pain, but he came out and wailed just the greatest thanks to him and the band for this show. Check out the setlist on the tour section, it was killer, they played some stuff I never thought I'd hear live, a bunch of songs from the new one. I have to say that this was THE best Metallica show I've ever been close and intimate, a completely obvious desire to give their all, it was just plain and simply great.

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