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Personal Tour Report Instructions

The IPOM Tour Archive has a very unique feature you won't find anywhere else: it can generate a personal tour report, just for you.

Want to know all the songs you've seen, how many times you've seen them, what songs you haven't seen, etc.? Want a list of what states/countries you've seen them in? Want a quick set of links to all the setlists you've seen? We've got it all!

To use the Personal Tour Report, you'll need register so we can remember you and your shows. Then just mark which shows you've seen. To do this, visit our list of tours or list of years, and check the box next to any show you've seen. Then click the save shows I've seen button at the bottom of the page. That's it!

Visit all the tours/years necessary to add all of the shows you've seen. Once you've checked a show, it'll remain checked anytime it is displayed in the Tour Archive. If you make a mistake, you can uncheck any show, and click save. In fact, on any page, you can make adjustments, and save, and the status of the shows on that page will be updated in your record.

At anytime you can visit the Tour Report for a report based on the shows you've saved. From this page, you can remove any shows by unchecking them and saving.

Privacy Information

By default, people can search for tour reports by username, however, if you do not want people to see your tour report, simply visit the Member Home and adjust your preferences to make your tour report private.

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