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Wrapping Walkthru

As we mentioned in our Trading Guide, we recommend using coin envelopes or mini ziplock bags for inner packaging. However, if you want a manual solution, this is our suggested alternative.

Start with a piece of printer paper...

Fold over a section that's a bit wider than the pick (about 1.25" works).

Then fold it the other way, again a bit longer than the pick (about 1.5" works).

Fold in the original direction once more, the same width so you have two folds like this.

Now cut down the second long fold.

And then cut about 5" down so you have a separated piece

Now place the pick in the "square" at the top and fold over along the fold.

And then fold down along the fold.

Now fold down along the other fold.

Leaving a little extra tab below, cut the excess off.

Now push the pick as far into the corner as it will go and fold the two open ends over so that the pick can not get out and when you put tape in this the pick can't possibly touch the tape.

Place tape in both directions.

And that's it. You can pack up 2-3 picks at a time this way (though for more than one you will need to leave extra room to still have tabs to fold over).

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