This is Apple Computer's chat with Tony Smith, the Metallica CLub President and Tour Manager for Metallicam that went along with their webcast. It took place on June 9th, 1996.

AWWCDave: Welcome to the Metallica Webcast from Apple Computer! Tonight we're speaking with Tony Smith, Tour Manager for Metallica. This will be a moderated channel - your text won't appear on the screens. To ask a question of Tony just send it in like this... We'll answer as many questions as time permits.

AWWCBruce: This Conference is being simulcast here on the IRC and on AOL right now - what we call a SimulChat, and is another great example of Apple Technology at work!

AWWCRon: How long have you been a tour manager and how long with Metallica?

TonySmith: I've been Tour Manager for 15 years and am in my 9th year with Metallica.

AWWCRon: What was the most difficult show that you have plan for and why?

TonySmith: Tuktoyaktuk. The reason being was the remote location. Ah, the worst was discovering a fellow worker in a coma in Bangkok. The best happens every show night when I see the audience reaction.

AWWCRon: How has the metal scene changed over the last 5 years?

TonySmith: It's become more underground. It has returned to a fans based grassroots entity.

AWWCSue: Trevor: How do you feel about the musical and physical change Metallica has made over the 5 years since the Black Album

TonySmith: I don't see it as a change more as an evolution. Having been with them fairly closely over this time, I have not seen any drastic changes.

AWWCRon: Knowing the band like you do, how do you think they'll effect the "Lollapalooza" tour?

TonySmith: From a tour standpoint, it'll bring some different aspects and the way things work. From an audience point of view, it'll be another Lollapolooza.

AWWCSue: DROP: What can we expect with Metallica on Lollapalooza?

TonySmith: A fairly short tight set by Metallica standards but I would imagine at least 90 minutes.

AWWCSue: MOSH: What do you do when the band breaks for 5 years, tour with another band?

TonySmith: I'm basically a full time employee of Metallica. When not touring, I'm actively involved with their fan club although, I have toured with other bands, when it does not conflict with anything Metallica needs me to do. The only other full time employee of Metallica is the President, Zach Harmon. I think it is safe to assume.

AWWCSue: Jaymz666: Any clue if a nation-wide tour will follow the Lolla/European tour before they trek to the studio?

TonySmith: That you will see Metallica somewhere indoors throughout the US before the next album.

AWWCRon: What other bands have you toured with?

TonySmith: I recently did a tour with Tesla and Leonard Skynard which was good fun! Other then that, I recall having no life before Metallica.

AWWCSue: Les: Is it true that Metallica is coming out with new album in 18 months?

TonySmith: The time is not definite, but the have already songs that recording has been started on which they will go back after the tour to complete.

AWWCSue: JDROP: The Metallica Club just opened a fantastic page on the Web, how will AOL and the Internet affect the future of the band and the Club?

TonySmith: I cannot say that it will not have any direct effect but they will certainly become things that will be considered in future plans for Metallica and the Club. Hopefully we will effect them more then they will affect us.

AWWCSue: Garbage: What did you do before you got hooked up with Metallica?

TonySmith: I was a child chimney sweep in England. ;-)

AWWCSue: ButtheadX: What is your most memorable memory of Metallica?

TonySmith: My most memorable memory is looking out from the stage at a half a million people in Moscow. It is a sight that will stay with me forever!

AWWCSue: Riffer: Does Metallica hate the alternative music revolution? Or do they seem to go along with it?

TonySmith: A: I'm the tour manager. Not their analyst, neither am I their censor. That is a question you would need to direct to the band.

AWWCSue: JDROP: The Metallica Club members only shows are a fantastic idea, who came up with it?

TonySmith: Modesty forbids.

AWWCSue: IdobeLIEv: Has Metallica created a new and different stage setup for the shows after Lolla and would you give us a preview?

TonySmith: The headline tour will have a stage that is completely unique. Not only to Metallica, but to any other touring act. And no amount of words would be able to paint this picture. You'll just have to go and see for yourself. :-)

AWWCSue: *ButtheadX: Have any North American tour dates been confirmed for the Metallica tour after Lollapalooza?

TonySmith: No, not to my knowledge. LOL! ;-)

AWWCRon: What do you do in your spare time, or is there spare time?

TonySmith: I have read about spare time, but fail to grasp the concept. Any suggestions are welcome. :-)

AWWCSue: Hamstercaster: What does METALLICA think about the Internet, do any of them use it?

TonySmith: They are all very interested in discovering what the Internet has to offer, and what they have to offer the Internet. Lars and Kirk are probably more active then the other two guys at the moment. But, James and Jason are catching up quickly.

TonySmith: BTW, I'm getting a lot of questions about our tour dates please check our home page at

AWWCSue: Fenandez: how is it being the tour manager?

TonySmith: Travel coordination, press coordination, mother, father, brother, sister, chief confessor, and entertainment coordinator. And in the afternoons...


AWWCSue: Riffer: What do you think is the best produced Metallica song?

TonySmith: If they ever do a cover version of My Way, I feel that would probably be the one. Up to date, I really have no strong feelings but I do like Bleeding Me from the new album, LOAD.

AWWCSue: KIT3130: Why the makeup on Lars and Kirk?

TonySmith: I think a lot of people are missing some humor here.

AWWCSue: KILL : What did the cover of "Kill 'Em all" mean?

TonySmith: It was a highly symbolic attempt at promoting paganism within the Roman Catholic church. On no sorry, that's the next album cover. ;-)

AWWCSue: Slayer666: How can you become a member of Metallica's fan club?

TonySmith: Send email to requesting details and they will be happy to oblige so you don't miss the next members only concert. :-)

AWWCSue: MasterOfPuppets: How strong do you feel on letting other bands tour WITH Metallica ?

TonySmith: Do I feel? I have little or no involvement in selection of support acts: although I do like to throw the idea their way. But from the cold reality of a Tour Manager's point of view a support is just a support act whomever they are.

AWWCSue: Vf2Lion: Is Metallica becoming an aging band, how close are they to the end?

TonySmith: As I am older then all of them, I would have to say they are retaining their youth remarkably well. And they are as close to the end as probably they have ever been, which is who knows how far. Ask me again in 5 years.

AWWCSue: Mudhoney: Do you think their next album will be as diverse as LOAD was from the self-titled album?

TonySmith: From a personal point of view I would hope that it is. Just because I enjoy variety, but that again is a question best answered by the band.

AWWCSue: MickyBoo: What's the stage going to be like? I loved the V shape stage.

TonySmith: They are taking the dynamics of the stage to whole new areas this time. I'm assuming by v-shaped you mean diamond or were you just watching with one eye. :-)

AWWCSue: Godcountr: Going back a little, what are your feelings and memories of the Metallica/Guns-N-Roses tour?

TonySmith: It brought home to me very quickly how well organized how together, and how in tune the Metallica organization is. If you get my point.

AWWCSue: Bsmith277: How did you go about getting into the business?

TonySmith: Start by helping bands that need help, ie. bars, clubs, and learn different aspects of the business there. Do not approach half heartedly. It is something you have to want to do with a passion above all else. If you have that, you stand a chance of 1 in 1000. With out that you have no chance at all.

TonySmith: I now have to go off and get tonight's show underway. I always enjoy chatting with Metallica fans at shows and this has been whole new and different pleasure unto itself. I hope to do it again sometime.

AWWCSue: It's been a pleasure from this side too, that's great! Thank you!

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