This was a chat with James and Jason on SonicNet, on July 8, 1998.

Metallica: Howdy its James here in the Van on the way to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Frogs_on_tour : James how does it feel to be a father?

Metallica: I feel like a grown up now.

GwenStefaniReal : Hey James, do you still have marks or burns from that huge flame? And did you find it harder to play guitar after that?

Metallica: No I was very dedicated to rehab and I was very in to playing guitar again.

Harvester_666_Sorrow : Will you guys ever consider returning to your old HARD style again?

Metallica: Metallica is not in to moving backwards. As human s which doesn't mean we won't necessarily playing harder stuff again.

Freik_TFA : To James: I heard that you originally only wanted to sing in the band, and not play guitar. Is that true?

Metallica: Yes, that was the original plan, we couldn't really find any one to play guitar the way I wanted them to. So I originally ended up doing both, singing and playing.

Eveprevost1 : What do you love in the life of a rock star that's keep you in this crazy world?

Metallica: Uhh the music part 2 1/2 hours being on stage. Sometimes it gets to be too much, but I love it.

Twilight_Eyes22 : Out of all your albums, which one is the favorite?

Metallica: Uh, Ride the Lightening and Reload.

James : Do you foresee any evolution in the music (Metallica's) that excite you? What elements would you most like to incorporate or explore?

Metallica: We haven't starting writing new material yet and we won't start till next year. So their won't be any preconceptions about what will be next.

Mtlfknca : What are your favorite bands right now?

Metallica: The Reverend Horton Heat, Rocket From The Crypt, Social Distortion, Loud Mouth.

SRT3 : What other artists you like to work with?

Metallica: Umm.. Working with Metallica definitely takes up 100 percent. TOM WAITS.

Alicia_Zambri : Sorry. How do you feel when fans from the beginning now are turned off by your new style of music?

Metallica: Fuck the fans that don't like our new music.

Metallica: Sorry. I'm on a cell phone on the way to the gig. We keep cutting out! It's really Rock N' Roll. Sorry everyone. Please bear with us, the cell phone keeps cutting out.

Jax_13_13 : Is Unforgiven or any of your other songs auto-biographical in nature?

Metallica: Uh basically, from the Black album on it basically has been that you write what you know. So in a way it is autobiographical.

Metallica: We're at the gig and we are all alive! by the way...

Abner_Jones : James- When did you start playing? How old were you?

Metallica: Started playing guitar when I was about 15 years old and before that I had taken piano lessons starting at age 8. My mom made me take piano lessons when everyone got to play football.

Hanson_slayer158 : What is your opinion on Marilyn Manson and his band?

Metallica: They fill a niche.

Johan1979 : James, are you surfing the net a lot?

Metallica: Yes.

Jero_the_Pimp : What do you think about Led Zeppelin?

Metallica: I've heard of them. Probably one of the most exploratory of all rock bands and highly influential with the later Metallica stuff.

John_C_Holmes : Is it true that "Until It Sleeps" is about cancer, more specifically throat cancer?

Metallica: It is about cancer.

Scott1357 : Is it harder to sing the old songs or the new songs?

Metallica: They're all hard the older ones take a lot more throat. Te newer ones take a lot more endurance.

LifeSeemsDead : How does it feel to be a pioneer of Metal, and almost 20 years later, still be one of the forerunners of the style?

Metallica: This is what I've always wanted to do and the fact that we still can create a type of "therapy" for us and that other people enjoy it as well is quite satisfying!

Kgillan2000 : Is it hard touring now that you have a new baby?

Metallica: It was more difficult to leave that it has been. I only got to spend 10 days with her.

Kurt_2010 : Where did you come up with the name "Metallica"?

Metallica: Lars stole it from a list of magazine titles that a friend was trying to get together in possibly 1980 or 81.

PitStainBob : What do you think of the state of music today?

Metallica: There's two kinds of music - "good" or "bad" and we are all the judge of that!

Metal211 : Is there going to be an instrumental song on the next album?

Metallica: We haven't written it yet. We never say never!

Worx_98 : Do you like Megadeth?

Metallica: There's some good songs. Not the most exciting live band.

guest_d8d36985 : Who do you consider the best guitarist?

Metallica: Best guitarist ever? Hummm Well there's a few that I consider good in their own worlds. Jimmy Page for his mad scientist approach. Johnny Ramone of the Ramones for developing a fast down picking style. Angus Young for his simplistic but tasty leads.

Travis_turner : Do you prefer standard or regular tuning?

Metallica: He he he whatever fits the song.

Dmljr : Do you guys feel optimistic about the future of guitar oriented music? Or do you see bands heading towards computer oriented sound effects?

Metallica: They'll never be able to get rid of the guitar, you need the guitar to feed the machines!

AshenK : Are the rumors true about Metallica recording the new James Bond theme??

Metallica: No. But I like the name James a lot.

Spokes3 : What is your best highlight of touring over the years what sticks out the most?

Metallica: Almost skidding in the first Internet accident just earlier. No, playing to over 1/2 million people in Moscow.. Watching a stadium burn in Indonesia while you're playing stuff like that.

Scott1357 : Who can drink the most beers in the band?

Metallica: Well, if you would ask me that 5 years ago, I would definitely say ME. But I don't think anyone drinks beer now. They've moved onto heroin. Ha ha ha.

MetaL_mILITIA_boy : How did you get your band together?

Metallica: Lars called me and wouldn't start bugging me. Lars and I first jammed that was the initial formation and over the course of the next years, found other musicians we could live with.

Diogodpc : Do you change setlists during the show?

Metallica: During the show sometimes if it is an encore, we have a few different choices, depending on how the crowd feels or if we remember if we've played that song; but usually alternates during the encore.


Metallica: Um hehe I didn't know they went away. It's very novel but fun. At their age, to still rock like that I admire that. To wear 100lbs of plastic I admire that.

Wrv26 : Are you mad at Phil(Pantera)about what he said about you guys.

Metallica: I don't get to mad at how the press interprets people's comments. He seems a bit lost. Somehow gaining fans through cheap shots.

Metallica: Hi, This is Jason and Heavy Metal is alive and well in Cleveland Ohio. Cuyahoga Falls same difference.

Lestat_74 : In your opinion, what album did you have the most fun working on?

Metallica: The last one "Reload"!!!

Blackviolets187 : Who was your hero growing up?

Metallica: Uh I guess there was a couple of musicians. Geddy Lee of Rush, Gene Simmons of Kiss, That's pretty much it.

MastaPO76 : What do you think about rap?

Metallica: It depends who's doing it. Some of it is good some of it is not. Ice Cube is probably the best rapper. Dre puts down some good beats. The freshest is Dr. Octagon. I like NWA and Tupac was good for a while. But the new flavor of Dr. Octagon is where it's at!

FITP : How was your transition when you replaced Cliff Burton. What was the response from the fans like?

Metallica: It was a very difficult transition and most of the response from the fans was positive. But it was about a five year test I would say.

Scalean : What do you think of Primus covering your tunes?

Metallica: Great. I think that Primus is kick ass ! and they can do what ever they want. Les is good friends with Kirk and we have great respect for the band.

Kilhefner : How do you think your fans in the late 90's compare with those in the mid 80's?

Metallica: They're a little bit older ha ha. The passion is the same. The age bracket may have grown in different directions, but the only difference is the diversity in the crowd.

Chocolate_moose : What would you say to kids who want to quit school and become rock stars?

Metallica: Do NOT DO IT! The most important in today in 1998 is to have a proper education. If you don't have that foundation you will be left behind.

Billygoat_1998_98 : Are you guys gonna do a Rock-a-Billy album?

Metallica: Sure why not!! There are no more rules anymore for Metallica!

Nactniap : How was it working with Sepultura?

Metallica: Like a dream come true baby!

LADYMONTEGUE : Do you ever miss your long hair and beer days?

Metallica: I still enjoy beer very much and my hair is fine.

Chocolate_moose : What do you think of Howard Stern?

Metallica: Not much.

IRON_MAN_007 : Do your like the way metal is changing or do your think that it is going downhill?

Metallica: I feel that it again on the upswing. I am positive that it is on the upswing. There are a lot of new bands taking it to new places like Deftones, Sepultura, Soulfly, Limp Bizkit.

Norem0rse : Jason, do you ever talk to the guys from Flotsam and Jetsam?

Metallica: Yes, we keep in pretty close contact.

Dustty23 : Who is your favorite pro wrestler?

Metallica: Ha ha. Baron Von Raschke.

Psychoeagle : How did you come up with the new symbol?

Metallica: James drew it on the front of a notebook one day. It is the forever spinning Ninja star representing the four members of Metallica spinning in a constant motion.

Xiayen : What do you guys think about Slayer staying with speed metal?

Metallica: Good for them. I think Slayer are the best at what they do. I'm glad they are still doing what they are doing if they are happy. And as an educated music listener they haven't grown it's the same music with a different cover and the guitar solos are elementary and amateur they haven't changed at all in that respect... but the drummer is killer!

Wackyguest_2ab939624 : Do you like it when the crowd smokes marijuana at your concerts?

Metallica: If they're enjoying it. Yes, it doesn't bother me.

Enrayge : Do you guys know Candy Striper Death Orgy? They are up and coming. Very heavy metal. They have played with Gwar.

Metallica: No idea.

Rebecca1982 : Whatís your favorite movies?

Metallica: Freaks. A movie from the late 20s about freaks.

Johan1979 : Jason, you getting married soon too, eh??

Metallica: Nope.

JusticeChick : What inspired The Unforgiven Two?

Metallica: The Unforgiven One.

Lord_whiplash : How do you feel about people calling you sell out's?

Metallica: We sell out every show. It's sold out tonight not a bare seat in the house!

MetalliFuKKer : Who's cum is it on the cover of Load?

Metallica: Not sure. No one that you know.

JackWraith : What tune could you crack the most skulls to?

Metallica: Refuse Resist by Sepultura.

Nomoreus : I have heard that the misfits were a major influence, what do you think of the new Misfits without Glenn?

Metallica: I think it's okay but it's without Glen!

Travis_turner : What movie are the clips in "One" from?

Metallica: Johnny Got his Gun.

Napyj : Do you ever play "Orion" during your concerts?

Metallica: Just segments.

Metallicasmistress : When are you going to do the next video?

Metallica: As far as I know there won't be any more videos from Reload. But there will be a full IMAX film coming out on Theaterís and Interactive DVD.

Chocolate_moose : What do you think about President Clinton and this whole Ken Starr thing?

Metallica: God bless it. If he can get younger bitches like that fuck everybody for wasting their time on this. Let's get on with more important business than wasting our time and dollars on frivolous crap!

Holierthanthou88 : Could you guys kick Megadeth's ass in a fight, even though there's no current.

Torino98 : Is it true that Kirk was a student of Joe Satriani?

Metallica: Yes.

Voodoo23_1998 : Jason when you gonna go solo?

Metallica: Uh. I'm doing projects all the time with other people. But as far as doing a full solo project, that probably won't happen. It'll probably be a group of four people a band with a name. I don't plan on Metallica stopping it'll probably be within the time that we are going.

Happy_2_99 : How many more albums until you retire?

Metallica: Impossible to say somewhere between 2 and 500.

Abner_Jones : Is Burton a better Bass Player in your opinion???

Metallica: Better than who? I would say for the most part that Cliff Burton is one of the top five electric bassists in electric music that will ever live.

Prozack_chulo : Why don't you play the slow melodic part of four horsemen and why do you skip it.

Metallica: Uh there's really no reason and it never presented itself when I was in the band that section is non-eventful as part of that piece.

Aporras2 : Jaymz, which song is your least favorite and why?

Metallica: Jason here right now it's "Until it Sleeps" because it's too freakin sleepy.

Drownx : What kind of guitar was your very first, and do you still own it?

Metallica: It was a Kay instruments EB Bass and I don't own it anymore.

Sir_Ilia :I want to ask what is the funniest story with Metallica? :-)

Metallica: The funniest story I'd have to say that. We were flying from Australia to New Zealand for a show in a private plane. And about a little over 1/2 way to our destination; one of our engines went out and we had to decide if we should turnaround to get a fresh plane to go all the way back or to continue on to land and to not be sure to have a plane to get to our destination. While still on the plane and we actually flew back to get a fresh plane. It wasn't necessarily a funny story; but we all remember it and we're all still alive to tell it.

Metallica: Sorry we didnít' have more time to answer more of your questions we're very busy and hope to see all of you at the shows!! BYE BYE!!

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