8/24/97 MSN UK Online with Jaymz and Kirk

Host JohnG_MSN says: Hi everyone...

Host JohnG_MSN says: welcome to Online Tonight....

Host JohnG_MSN says: we will be starting at 7pm or just after.

Host JohnG_MSN says: If you have questions please ask them in the ask questions room...

Host JohnG_MSN says: and we will try to get them asked for you.

Host JohnG_MSN says: let's get straight into the questions then....

Host JohnG_MSN says: Welcome Kirk....

Host JohnG_MSN says: TallicaFan says:
Is Metallica happy with the way the last tour went?

Kirk says: yes it was great, we had a lot of fun and no-one got killed onstage

Host JohnG_MSN says: hehe...

Host JohnG_MSN says: MetallifukincA says:
QUESTION: Do you think you can last 10 more years to get into the rock n roll hall of fame?

Kirk says: i hope i can last 10 more years personally!

Kirk says: but i see us being around for the next ten years easily

Host JohnG_MSN says: h8waster says:
QUESTION: Are you used to visit web sites run by your fans or take a look to Metallica Newsgroup?

Kirk says: yes we do

Kirk says: its interesting to see whos spot on and whos miles away with the gossip and rumours

Host JohnG_MSN says: Drew says:
QUESTION: When will the new album be out and what will it sound like?

Kirk says: hopefully by the end of november, and its gonna sound finished

Host JohnG_MSN says: JasonNewsted says:
_QUESTION:_ "There weren't any songs on 'Load' that were co-operately written with Jason Newsted, will there be any writing input from him in the following album?"

Kirk says: yes, jason has a monster of a song on the new album

Host JohnG_MSN says: Z[e]U[s] says:
What do you guys think about your albums and live stuff being encoded in MP3s and distributed on the Internet?

Kirk says: we don't give a f**k!!

Host JohnG_MSN says: MightyHet says:
Congratulations on your marriage, Jaymz! Can you guys give us any titles for the new album other than "Fuel" and "Devil's Dance"?

Kirk says: this is kirk here, james will be along soon

Kirk says: no were not giving anything away!

Host JohnG_MSN says: You played a great gig last night in Stuttgart. I just wondered why didn't you play ANYTHING from Kill 'Em All?

Kirk says: we forgot!

Host JohnG_MSN says: Host Runecaster says:
What are the plans for the next tour?
Kirk says: we'll strap on our insrtuments and go out on stage

Host JohnG_MSN says: Have you heard Pat Boone's version of Enter Sandman and what did you think of it?

Kirk says: i laughed my ass off

Host JohnG_MSN says: hehe...

Host JohnG_MSN says: not a boone fan then.

Kirk says: no
Host JohnG_MSN says: Gaynor says:
Question: did you have a tapres section at gigs this time around?

Kirk says: i don't know

Host JohnG_MSN says: As a band you seem to have mastered the art of keeping your personal lives out of the media - is it an easy thing to do, or do you have to keep very tight lipped?
Kirk says: the media never come to us, we usually go to them

Host JohnG_MSN says: Jaws says:
What did you guys think of Belgium when you were here last friday?

Kirk says: It was a good show and I'm thankfull it didn't rain

Host JohnG_MSN says: iolatoR says:
QUESTION: What do you think of surfing on the net and chating with you fans ????

Kirk says: i hardly surf the net

Host JohnG_MSN says: dfl says:
kirk: any special feelings about tourning in Sweden after the 86 accident?

Kirk says: i always remember the accident

Kirk says: but it never keeps me away from sweden

Host JohnG_MSN says: Gaynor says:
Question: Kirk, you are interested in pilosohpy, have u read The Celestine Prophecy?

Kirk says: i am going to start my own religion soon!

Host JohnG_MSN says: JasonNewsted says:
_QUESTION:_ Lars has a good friendship with Liam Gallagher of Oasis, any chance of them being a support act, or them for you?

Kirk says: as long as james is in the band probably not

Host JohnG_MSN says: Abyss says:
is it true that you have relesed a box called "the Sleeping box" or is it a bootleg?

Kirk says: it sounds like a bootleg to me

Host JohnG_MSN says: Metallica have covered a wide range of songs from a variety of artists, do you ever see yourselves gathering YOUR rock idols together for a one-off gig?

Kirk says: most of em are dead

Host JohnG_MSN says: JB says:
when are you guys coming back to the Netherlands? soon

Kirk says: early next year

Host JohnG_MSN says: _EddiE_ says:
Kirk, you're the best! When are metallica coming to Brazil? Whats next album nama? UNLOAD, RELOAD or Waiting in the Wings? What do you think about Sabbath?

Kirk says: i love black sabbath

Kirk says: the album name changes daily

Host JohnG_MSN says: Kirk: What kind of amp would you reccomend a young guitarist with 5 years experience and a budget of less then 2000 clams?

Kirk says: get an acoustic guitar

Host JohnG_MSN says: GuiTaRGoD says: Kirk: did you shave your head yourself?

Kirk says: my girlfriend buzz cutted it

Host JohnG_MSN says: LOVE-YA-KIRK says:
Question : Kirk!! I absolutely love you man! My question is on guitar, When you were like just starting to learn how to play and everything..did you get think about giving up? and if you did what made you keep playing?

Kirk says: i still think about giving up

Kirk says: my managers make me keep playing!

Host JohnG_MSN says: adrian3 says:
_4 QUESTION: What do u think of the other bands at READING?

Kirk says: i love manson

Host JohnG_MSN says: JasonNewsted says:
_QUESTION:_ Kirk, I hear you're a big fan of Suede, would you ever consider collaborating on a song with them, if asked?
Kirk says: yes if they asked i might

Host JohnG_MSN says: MightyHet says:
Kirk, I picked up a copy of your Voodoo Children gig from '93 and was quite impressed. Who is John Campbell?

Kirk says: john campbell is a blues guitar player that jason and i admire

Host JohnG_MSN says: DoctorTallica says:

Kirk says: backwards guitar

Host JohnG_MSN says: _EddiE_ says:
What do ya think about recording an acoustic? When next album is going to be for sale???

Kirk says: the album will be on sale in november

Host JohnG_MSN says: Why did it take Metallica so long to combine single releases with rock videos ?

Kirk says: because we're busy doing 50 things at once

Host JohnG_MSN says: JasonNewsted says:
_QUESTION:_ James, you've got strong country influences I hear, who are your main country artiste idols?

Kirk says: patsy cline and hank williams

Host JohnG_MSN says: ViolatoR says:
QUESTION: What is your favorite band??

Kirk says:
this week it is radiohead

Host JohnG_MSN says: DisidenT17 says:
QUESTION: kirk, this next album did you work the pedals alot or did you go through it straight, and are we gonna hear alot of those kick ass full blown leads that we all luv? P.S.-Next time your in Ny you want to hook me up with some backstage passes \../ :^o \../!

Kirk says: theres a tonne of different guitar sounds on this album so you should be satisfied

Host JohnG_MSN says: Sancticus says:
Question: who makes the art work on your guitars?, is it factory done or a custom paint job, they really makes the guitarts into masterpieces

Kirk says: they are all custom paint jobs by ESP

Host JohnG_MSN says: dfl says:
what do you think about Paradise Lost - the movie?

Kirk says: i haven't watched it yet as I'm afriad to watch it

Host JohnG_MSN says: Z[e]U[s] says:
Where is Fan Can #2 and do you plan on having any club shows in the near future?

Kirk says: fan can 2 is out

Host JohnG_MSN says: kasdiel says:
Question for Kirk : Do you know if any other songs off of Load will be releades as singles? and if Bleeding Me will have a video? Or are you guys just going to wait for the next album??

Kirk says: no no and no!

Host JohnG_MSN says: Cigarallica says:
Kirk: What kind of guitar effects do you use?

Kirk says: old stomp boxes!

Host JohnG_MSN says: puppet says:
Ass you playd Fuel yesterday i wonder if thats the final versin, same goes fore Devilīs Dance. Are you coming to Sweden again do you like the sweds??

Kirk says: thats almost the final version

Host JohnG_MSN says: And one that I would like to ask but someone got there first....ViolatoR says:
QUESTION: What do you think of SPAWN...were you a fan of the comic????

Kirk says: i love spawn and i'm a big fan of the comic

Host JohnG_MSN says: ....

Host JohnG_MSN says: QUESTION: KirK: When MetallicA played the Nassau Coliseum in NY, on Feb. 28, you killed one of your guitars and then threw it to the crowd. Which guitar was it...Was it one of your M-2's?

Kirk says: i can't remember

Host JohnG_MSN says: Is playing the stadiums better than club gigs? Do you still get to play the clubs ?

Kirk says: we now have james with us here and kirk has left.

Host JohnG_MSN says: Hi James....

James says: Hi all

Host JohnG_MSN says: Tell us about the wedding James!

James says: Short, sweet, painless ...

Host JohnG_MSN says: Gaynor says:
Question for Jaymz do you use SM58 mics live?

James says: Ask Big Mick (our sound man ...)

Host JohnG_MSN says: For many people the 'One' video is a classic, who's idea was the song and how did the video come about ?

James says: The song concept I recall from my brother telling me the sick story about the living brain

James says: and our manager told me it was from a movie called "Johnny got his gun"

Host JohnG_MSN says: James: Is it true you lost your hair in a fire and if so how did it happen?

James says: It happened through fire!!!

Host JohnG_MSN says: Z[e]U[s] says:
JaymzFan: what kind of amp and effects do you use with your ESP-JH1? I recently ordered one.. =]

James says: Mesa/boogie triaxis

Host JohnG_MSN says: Cigarallica says:
when will the new single be released ?

Host Runecaster says: Drew says:
QUESTION: Jaymz, 1) congrats on the wedding, 2) what arew some of the lyrical subjects on the next album?

Host JohnG_MSN says: oops sorry.

James says: The single we don't know - the album between November and December - I'm still writing lyrics and ideas are welcome.

Host JohnG_MSN says: When you're not working, what do you all do for fun?

James says: Snowboard, hunting, wakeboarding

Host JohnG_MSN says: JaymzFan says:
QUESTION: Hey James, before we get into all this question shit I'd just like to thank you and Metallica for changing my life and getting me into my guitar you guys have made my life alot better. THANK YOU!!!! I also want to congradulate you on your marrige!

Host JohnG_MSN says: Jameslover says:
Question: James, you can say I am kinda psychotically obsessed with u, but in a good way, my question is did you enjoy jumping on stage with Pepper and COC at the concert, how did u feel?

James says: Yes

James says: I felt like part of a real band

Host JohnG_MSN says: I remember seeing an interview with Metallica in which Lars was accused of picking his nose and wiping it on the cymbals. He flatly denied it at the time, but is it really true ??????

James says: He's done WORSE ...

James says: There's one spot on the dining table we don't eat at any more...

Host JohnG_MSN says: Metaliman __4gives James a _2Coors Light_4 and Kirk a _2Martini_4 and ask them ___10"What do you feel when you play 'Fade To Black' in Montreal since the accident of August 8th 1992?"

James says: It's one hot number !!!!

Host JohnG_MSN says: ViolatoR says:
QUESTION: What do you think of Heavy Metal and people that say its dead??

James says: Kill yourself??

Host JohnG_MSN says: Z[e]U[s] says:
JaymzFan: what are the plans for the next tour? It sounds like you're planning on Europe early next year and possibly a US outdoor stadium tour in the summer of '98...

James says: You are right!

Host JohnG_MSN says: Are the band ready for another tour following the release of the new album?

James says: We are taking a few months to do a few TV shows and releasing a live video

Host JohnG_MSN says: Ronnie says:
Have you heard "Day of the cow" by Mike Keneally, if so what do you think?

James says: Haven't heard it - but I like meat though ...

Host JohnG_MSN says: Jaws says:
What do you guys enjoy most: playing outdoors or in a club?

James says: They are both great, sweaty, stinky things

Host JohnG_MSN says: Mikeeeee says:
Question: Where did you get inspiration for Load?

James says: .....

Host JohnG_MSN says: Jameslover says:
Kirk, does your puppy Darla and your kitties get along? Does it get monotinous to play the intro of King nothing

James says: Kirk's gone to get ready for the show, James is here now

Host JohnG_MSN says: ADE69 says:
James: Who would u ideally like to support?

James says: My family one day ..

Host JohnG_MSN says: Z[e]U[s] says:
Will the live vid be released as part of a box set or just by itself and do you plan on putting the vid on DVD?

Host JohnG_MSN says: Lars_MSN says:
Jaymz: where's your turf for snowboarding? And Do you have any confirmation as to what the album is NOT going to be called?

James says: Showboarding in Tahoe and anywhere in Colorado. The album is not going to be called Kill em all

Host JohnG_MSN says: GoAtecK says:
_4 hey james...1)congrats 2) whut're u guys gonna do for the next tour...outdoor? indoor? U gonna have the same type of stage setup? 3) whut do yew mumble at the end of King Nothing?

James says: Yes we're touring, different stage, and it's "Off to never neverland at the end of King Nothing

Host JohnG_MSN says: orion_k says:
hi guys! i'm an old timer. been rockin with you before cliff died. jmz> is that you i hear on coc's deliverance and is that your smile on the inside pages of that cd? keep rockin. you are the best.

James says: No I didn't sing on that - I sang on a Wiseblood album and those are Woody's teeth

Host JohnG_MSN says: ADE69 says:
JAMES R u going to play any live internet Gigs

James says: We have done one but there are no plans yet

Host JohnG_MSN says: Dave says:
Question: Why didn't you play Bleeding Me for most of the US shows?

James says: We played it probably 15 times on the tour and it didn't get much of a reaction so we scrapped it for something else

Host JohnG_MSN says: Phish says:
QUESTION:What do you guys think of Phish and Trey Anistasio? Are you guys gonna do an "unplugged" soon? ;)

James says: We're going to do a VERY plugged

Host JohnG_MSN says: Host Yann says:
ESPJH1Wolfie says:
Question:Hey Jaymz, what's up? Would you guys ever consider having Machine Head or Fear Factory open on an upcoming tour? And have you guys ever thought about doing a club show on the East coast..maybe Boston?

James says: when we tour we get a list of who is available and we think we'll get along with best

Host JohnG_MSN says: What do you scream in MOP right befoe the guitar solo It souinds like biche day..Cyrus guy

James says: It's Fix Me ...

Host JohnG_MSN says: ADE69 says:
James what do u think of the other bands at reading?

James says: Never heard of 'em ..

Host JohnG_MSN says: What about the Spice Girls ?

Host JohnG_MSN says: etallifukincA says:
Will there be an EP of Devils Dance

James says: It's on the next record

Host JohnG_MSN says: Ben says:
What did you think about Ted Nugent at the Detroit show?

James says: The Nuge had a flashback of CalJam 2!

Host JohnG_MSN says: Osio..Are you already planning your new album tour? What about Poland

James says: The plan after this record is to do small bits of Europe and the States, South America and the Pacific Rim

Host JohnG_MSN says: Well guys and galls, that appears to be your lot....

Host JohnG_MSN says: James has disappeared to play at Reading....

Host JohnG_MSN says: I hope you had all your questions answered...

Host JohnG_MSN says: and will come again for our next show.

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