4/3/98 (or 4/4 in US) MSN UK Online with Jaymz and Kirk from Australia.

Host OnlineTonight says: ninemsn and the Microsoft Network, in association with Metallica's official fan club (, welcome Metallica fans from all over the world to our Online Tonight chat with the band on their sell-out ReLoad world tour. OLT welcomes other services and all those joining us from PIRCH, mIRC and IRC. Thanks to all those who have entered our e-mail competition for the guitar signed by Metallica. The winner will be announced at the end of the show. On the Internet, Metallica have 175 unofficial fan sites. Their official fan club at gets 5-8 million hits per month. They have sold more than 22 million units in the '90's, confirming their status as the world's biggest-selling rock artists, surpassing Pearl Jam, Nirvana, REM and U2.
OnlineTonight says: ReLoad went straight to No. 1 in 10 countries and debuting in the top three of the relevant album charts. It was the biggest-selling rock debut of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest rock band on the Net...Metallica! First off we joined by James. Hi James How aare you doing and how was the concert last night in Sydney?
James says: Much better than the first one - still shaking off the rust...
Host OnlineTonight says: Have a chance to look at sydney much?
James says: Had a few days off, getting our sleep schedule together
Host OnlineTonight says: Why has your style changed - will you play speed metal again?
James says: We do every night in the concert…nice typing lol
Host OnlineTonight says: Is there is a new single on the way?
James says: "Fuel" might be the next single - we're talking about doing a video for it
Host OnlineTonight says: How about a new album?
James says: We just put one out! We're going to re-release the garage days...
Host OnlineTonight says: Emma Roach asks: Do you feel the birth of your child will influence your music in any way? James says: sleep deprivation will help me come up with some more psycho lyrics
Host OnlineTonight says: JK ROss asks : Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics from?
James says: Looking inward, mostly, lately. Previous lyrics were mostly looking outwards. There will be a video release from the Load tour - they're still mixxing it now
Host OnlineTonight says: Ktulus_call asks: Jamyz- people say your old lyrics were more thought out. What do you think?
James says: Obviously, I don't think anymore
Host OnlineTonight says: Moe asks : At what age did you start playing the Guitar?
James says: Ohhhh, I was 14 maybe
Host OnlineTonight says: Why did you pick the guitar?
James says: Easier to run around with than a Drumkit
Host OnlineTonight says: HseJackBlt asks: James, will you be using the B-Bender Telecaster in future songs?
James says: Not on purpose - if it's there and i pick it up and it works...a lot of times, after something has been written i play it on that and it sounds good.
Host OnlineTonight says: Microcon asks: Where is the coolest place on earth?
James says: North Pole
Host OnlineTonight says: Mark asks: What other bands do Metallica listen to?
James says: Reverend Horton Heat, Rocket from the Crypt, Bryan Setzer Orchestra
Host OnlineTonight says: Griffin : Have you heard Megadeths FFF?
James says: Haven't heard it (and he owes us money anyway...) ha ha...
Host OnlineTonight says: Sith asks: Was the Unforgiven II planned to be so similar to Unforgiven, or was it a coincidence?
James says: The riff was played on the b-bender and i realised later that it was actually the Unforgiven riff
Host OnlineTonight says: Unit asks: Are all your lyrics about your own experiences
James says: Not all...I try and put myself in others shoes sometimes (no heels though...)
Host OnlineTonight says: ATimor asks: are you gonna use Andres Serrano's artwork again in the next album?
James says: No thank you
Host OnlineTonight says: Leon asks: Are you going to change the sets from one concert to another?
James says: Now that we have so many songs to choose from, we will (especially on doubles like two nights in Sydney)
Host OnlineTonight says: Athena asks: Which spice girl would you kill first?
James says: The entire Spice Rack
Host OnlineTonight says: Elly asks : Your voice has noticibly changed in the last 2 albums. is this intentional?
James says: It's all a hoax - it's actually Bob Rock singing (lol)
Host OnlineTonight says: Canman asks: Do you guys really run the Metclub?
James says: Unfortunately yes lol
Host OnlineTonight says: Wasques asks: Do you visit your fans' webpages often?
James says: Yes, I definitely visit our chat rooms and things under pseudonyms, and join in every once in a while
Host OnlineTonight says: Headbanging asks: What is your favourite Metallica Song?
James says: Right now, Bleeding Me or Low Man's Lyric
Host OnlineTonight says: Metallicarocks asks : What your favourite video you've made so far?
James says: Memory Remains
Host OnlineTonight says: and why?
James says: It was a little more physically demanding, spinning around in a room for 8 hours
Host OnlineTonight says: Mark asks : DO you have much creative input into your videos - cos they're way cool
James says: Sometimes...other times we will let video treatments come in. When there's a good one, it's better for the director to have his vision - they go quicker that way
Host OnlineTonight says: Amma asks : Will you do an unplugged albulm?
James says: Never say never, but it's not something we have planned
Host OnlineTonight says: John asks : have you ever hunted our vicious widelife - ie the man eating koala?
James says: Very difficult, fast moving - we had koalas as leis last night, with joey stew - excellent eating. Tastes like chicken!!
Host OnlineTonight says: Micron asks: Is Metallica planning on doing acoustics down the road?
James says: Yeeesss, it's a new challenge for us, and the insensitive Metallica way - bombastic acoustics
Host OnlineTonight says: Mouldy asks: Whats that your eating?
James says: Koala foetus…lol
Host OnlineTonight says: Planet Caravan asks: If you could jam with anyone living or dead who would it be?
James says:
Host OnlineTonight says: Bleeding_me asks : Where did "Until It Sleeps" come from?
James says: Lyrically, from the death of my father to cancer
Host OnlineTonight says: Metallica_Chik says: Do you like South Park?
Host OnlineTonight says: and whoes your fav character?
James says: Yes...I like Kenny, cos he dies all the time and no one likes him
Host OnlineTonight says: MeNoTardy asks: With your baby being born and all, is that going to affect how long you tour?
James says: No, we will just introduce the Metallica nursery - "MetBabies on Tour!!"
Host OnlineTonight says: d'oh
Host OnlineTonight says: And Folks - lets say hello to Kirk. Hi Kirk - How you doing?
Kirk says: i just woke up
Host OnlineTonight says: Nick Hillier ask :Kirk - who is the greatest Guitarist alive?
Kirk says: jimi hendrix
Host OnlineTonight says: Max Lucow asks: Kirk: where do you get your ideas for your solos; each one is an intericate masterpiece.
Kirk says: from anywhere i can get inspiration, musically, non musically, wherever...I steal a lot of
Host OnlineTonight says: Planet Caravan asks: what do yo do in your spare time?
James says: Snowboarding, driving my hotrod, wrestle Spice Girls
Kirk says: i play guitar, snowboarding, driving james' hotrod
Host OnlineTonight says: Dr_Yentel asks : Whats your most unfavorite Metallica Song?
James says: Escape
Kirk says: We haven't written it yet
Host OnlineTonight says: FarkasG asks: What do you do after the concerst?
James says: Eat...put on deodorant, eat, have a glass of wine and go to sleep
Host OnlineTonight says: Schizo asks: Do you believe in God?
Kirk says: i don't believe in organised religion
Host OnlineTonight says: Sunset2001 aks: Will Metallica ever come out with a greatest hits album?
James says: Each album is a greatest Just see us live and listen to it
Host OnlineTonight says: Elly asks: You used marianne faithfull on "The Memory Remains". have you ever thought of using anyone else?
Kirk says: i use people all the time
Kirk says: lol
James says: Jason sings back-ups on the record too, and he's just as sexy !! lol
Host OnlineTonight says: Elly : Kirk what is the most difficult solos you've played
James says: Eruption, all the guitar solos last night were difficult for
Host OnlineTonight says: Jersey asks : James how do you feel about being a dad?
James says: Very dad-ly
Host OnlineTonight says: alse3 asks: If Metallica one days psplits up - what would you guys do?
James says: Get back together!!
Kirk says: get back together
Host OnlineTonight says: theking asks: Do you hate Jethero Tull for winning the Heavy Metal Grammy?
James says: Hi Jethro, I forgot if I hated him or not
Host OnlineTonight says: Michella asks: Was Joe Satriani a big influence to your style?
kirk says:
Host OnlineTonight says: Amanda Rayfield asks: As Metallica aproaches 20 years together as a band; what is it that keeps you going?
James says: Fear...fear of abandonment, and boredom.
Host OnlineTonight says: And what gives you the most gratification out of all the things involved in being in a band?
James says: Evolution..trying new things, going where we're not allowed
Kirk says: back now
Host OnlineTonight says: Mark asks: How do I get rid of this twitch on my eye when I headbang?
Kirk says: Pull the trigger lol
Host OnlineTonight says: Kate asks: Jason: any pressure to get hitched since everyone in the band but you is married?
James says: Hi Elizabeth!!! Haha (Elisabeth is also the name of Jason’s girlfriend)
Host OnlineTonight says: Chris asks: Which of your old heros have you met that you were most impressed by?
James says: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brian May, Waylon Jennings, Brian May, Buddy Guy, Tony Iommi...
Host OnlineTonight says: Michellica asks: Kirk have you seen Joe Satriani since he taught you, are you still friends?
Kirk says: yeah he lives right around the corner from me and I spoke to him about hair
Host OnlineTonight says: Micca asks: Can you tell my daughter to turn your music down?
James says: WHAAAAAAT?
Host OnlineTonight says: Erky asks: When is the band going to start working on a new album?
James says: In '99 sometime...
Host OnlineTonight says: Michael asks: James: Do you have any pets?
James says: Two cats, a border collie named Disco, and tons of other wild animals outside avoiding being shot
Host OnlineTonight says: Nancy asks: How old were you when you lost your viginity?
Kirk says: Which species are you talking about?
James says: To a human?
Host OnlineTonight says: Ok Folks - we're coming up to the end now.... Some last messages from the guys and then we'll give out the winner of the Guitar...
James says: It was good to chat online, not to be taken seriously - you can put your clothes back on now!! lol See you on tour somewheres...
Kirk says: It's been good joking around online... see you on tour
James says: And the winner of the signed guitar is... Amanda Rayfield of Australia
Host OnlineTonight says: Thanks for joining us. Everybody is welcome to stay online and chat. Congratulations to Amanda, we'll be in touch. Runners-up will be announced as soon as possible and posted on and Produced for OnlineTonight by NineMsn in Sydney and MSN UK in London OnlineTonight would like thank:
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