This was a chat with Metallica on Rock 103.5 in Chicago on July 6th, 1998.

DCC 6Oscar: Hi, folks, and welcome to the Rock 103.5 chat with Metallica live from Chicago.

DCC 6Oscar: I know you've got plenty of questions. I'm sure they have plenty of answers.

DCC 6Oscar: We'll have James, Kirk, Jason and Lars on it just a minute or two. So hang in there!

DCC 6Oscar: Let's all welcome the band!

DCC 6Oscar: Thanks for chatting with us tonite, James, Kirk, Lars and Jason!

OnlineHost: Mtllca1035 has entered the room.

DCC 6Oscar: Live from Chicago and courtesy of Rock 103.5.

DCC 6Oscar: Welcome, gentleman!

Mtllca1035: thank you

DCC 6Oscar: Are you enjoying a rare day off?

Mtllca1035: J: my colon is

DCC 6Oscar: Glad to hear that, James--or is that   Jason?

Mtllca1035: J: is James

Mtllca1035: K: is Kirk

Mtllca1035: Jason & Lars will be in later

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, we've got Kirk and James.

DCC 6Oscar: How's the tour going so far, guys?

Mtllca1035: J: Excellent

DCC 6Oscar: Any highlights (or lowlights) so far? Strange experiences?

Mtllca1035: K: Great. There's lots of cigarette lighters in the audience

Mtllca1035: K: Somewhere around the end of "One"

DCC 6Oscar: I'll bet, Kirk.

Mtllca1035: J: Absolutely. Last night was definitely the best one, crowd-wise

DCC 6Oscar: Glad to hear that, James. Ready for some questions from the folks?

Mtllca1035: Absolutely

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, first question, please!

Question: How do you pick the songs you will play at your live shows?

Question: (I liked the mix last night)

Mtllca1035: K: We pick the ones that we can remember

Mtllca1035: K: That's great.

DCC 6Oscar: Do they differ radically from night to night? The tunes?

Mtllca1035: J: Not really We like to hone in on a set and make it sharp & potent
Mtllca1035: K: Like a knife in your face

Mtllca1035: K: Like a loaded gun pointed at your face

DCC 6Oscar: Right! Okay, next question.

Question: Hi guys..I cant wait to see you guys on tour at Giants and in Hartford.

Question: Is there gonna be an appearance of Fixxxer on the setlist at either of those

Question: shows? Thanks for playing Killing Time down in melbourne for Scaryguy98..You

Question: made us all happy ;)~

Mtllca1035: K: Yes, you'll hear something

Mtllca1035: K: Thanks

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next question, please.

Question: Hey Jaymz, what's the story behind playing most of the new stuff in E
Question: flat or half step down tuning?

Mtllca1035: J: To scare you more

Mtllca1035: K: It's easier to bend strings

Mtllca1035: J: Slightly easier on the throat as well

Mtllca1035: K: And slightly heavier

DCC 6Oscar: Okay. Another question.

Question: What do you think of this new wave of "metal" (yeah right) Like KoRn and

Question: Coal Chamber (ugh) that disgraces the great music that we all know and love.

Mtllca1035: K: Change is good.

Mtllca1035: J: Especially when it's your diaper

Mtllca1035: K: Nuff said.

DCC 6Oscar: I have a question for James. How's fatherhood treating you?

Mtllca1035: J: Excellent.

DCC 6Oscar: Is the baby on the road with you?

Mtllca1035: J: I get pictures daily through the wonder of email

DCC 6Oscar: I bet it makes it hard to be on the road, right?

Mtllca1035: J: It was definitely more difficult to leave this time than it ever has been

DCC 6Oscar: Yes, I'm sure. Okay, another question, please.

Question: Do you think that future songs are going to have a different feel, or

Question: affect, now that James is a father, and 3 of you are married?

Mtllca1035: J: More songs about murder

DCC 6Oscar: LOL!

Mtllca1035: K: And crimes of passion

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next question.

Question: will Metallica ever do an unplugged set similar to the radio gig they

Question: did?

Mtllca1035: K: Every night we do a short acoustic set

Mtllca1035: K: Coming to a backyard near you

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next question.

Question: How do you guys feel about people who say that Metallica sold out?

Mtllca1035: J: It was sold out last night for sure

DCC 6Oscar: LOL!

DCC 6Oscar: Every band since the Beatles has been accused of that. The successful ones, at least.

DCC 6Oscar: Next, please.

Mtllca1035: Hold on one second

DCC 6Oscar: Folks, James and Kirk have gone, but Lars and Jason are here!

DCC 6Oscar: Welcome, Lars and Jason!

DCC 6Oscar: Ready for some questions from the fans?

Mtllca1035: Absolutely

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, let's go.

Question: why did u guys calm down your music from being real heavy? What were

Question: your reasons?

DCC 6Oscar: Ah, an easy one to start out with. :)

Mtllca1035: L: We didn't.

DCC 6Oscar: Ready for another?

Mtllca1035: sure

Question: Are there plans for another abulm soon?

DCC 6Oscar: Okay.

Mtllca1035: L: November 17

Mtllca1035: J: Album of cover songs

DCC 6Oscar: Really?

DCC 6Oscar: Any details you can share?

Mtllca1035: J: It's both Garage Days with additional tracks

DCC 6Oscar: Cool. Next?

Question: I understand that Lars has his own record label now and that a local

Question: band from chicago may get signed by them. Any truth to that rumour?

Mtllca1035: L: I can't confirm or deny that

DCC 6Oscar: Where have aI heard that phrase before?

DCC 6Oscar: I have a question.

Mtllca1035: GO

DCC 6Oscar: You guys seem so close to your fans. Was that always your intent from the start?

Mtllca1035: L: It's not something you do on purpose, it's the way we are

Mtllca1035: L: ,man

DCC 6Oscar: I wish other bands had that attitude.

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next question, please.

Question: I saw your concert last night in rockford. It ruled. Where did you

Question: come up with the idea for the acustic stuff?

Mtllca1035: L: Me too

Mtllca1035: J: From Neil Young's benefit last year

Mtllca1035: J: It was an experiment and it worked

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next, please. Question: A local violinist, Rachel Barton, has recorded some of your music quite

Question: sucessfully. Have you heard her versions of One and Fade to Black? If so what

Question: is your opinion of them?

Mtllca1035: J: Yes, we've heard them and they're very good

DCC Tina: -del

DCC 6Oscar: Are you flattered when you hear covers of your songs?

DCC 6Oscar: Or do you cringe?

Mtllca1035: J: Yes. Interesting to me

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next question.

Mtllca1035: J: Mostly I like it

Question: Jason what happened to your solo project you had?

Mtllca1035: L: I think people should cover our songs regardless of what the result is or how we feel

Mtllca1035: about it.

Mtllca1035: Jerry Cantrell: YEAH.

Mtllca1035: J: More specific, please

DCC 6Oscar: Next, please.

Mtllca1035: (we've got Jerry with us as well)

DCC 6Oscar: Tonight?

Question: Whats up guyz I'm going to c you at Giants Stadium next friday and is

Question: the rumour true that Howard Stern will sing the "na-na-na-na" part in Memory

Question: Remains.

Mtllca1035: (providing accompaniment)

Mtllca1035: J: yes, we hope he's there to do that

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next.

Question: What was with going unplugged last night?

DCC 6Oscar: Uh, I think we just answered that one.

DCC 6Oscar: Next question.

Question: How about another concert in Chicago, since so many were unable to get

Question: in??

Mtllca1035: J: We were plugged into acoustic instruments

Mtllca1035: L: part of the vibe in 1998

DCC 6Oscar: I imagine you could play 10 nights in a row in Chicago and it wouldn't be enough.

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next.

Question: Jason, you've been getting some writing credits for other bands

Question: (sepultura, Voivod, Jim Martin). When will see more of you in Metallica?

Mtllca1035: J: Enough for whom?

Mtllca1035: J: When the day comes

DCC 6Oscar: Next, please.

Question: i heard that at the concert last night, you guys were scheduled to play

Question: damage inc.what happened to you guys playing that?

Mtllca1035: J: You heard wrong

DCC 6Oscar: Okay. Cleared that one up. Next.

Question: Hey Metallica, are you going to be expanding sonically even more in the

Question: near future???

Mtllca1035: J: You betcha

Question: Will you ever play "Dyers Eve" in the future?

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, next.

Mtllca1035: L: As long as I write the set lists, no

Mtllca1035: J: Yes, absolutely

DCC 6Oscar: Okay. Another?

Question: Is there anyway you could come back to chicago next year instead of 2

Question: years?

Mtllca1035: L: Please write down the following bank account information . . .

Mtllca1035: (that was a joke)

DCC 6Oscar: Good one, Lars.

Question: Will you ever tour with Megadeath in the U.S. and will we ever see Dave

Question: on stage with Metallica in Chicago?

DCC 6Oscar: We can skip that if you like.

Mtllca1035: L: There's no second "A" in Megadeth

DCC 6Oscar: Okay, another question, please.

Question: WELCOME FROM THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT!!!! lars, jason, what's up with the new

Question: cover album, any kinda idea for what the extra songs will be????

Mtllca1035: L: Please write down Dave Mustaine's bank account info . . .
DCC 6Oscar: Right, Lars!

Mtllca1035: L: We're throwing lots of ideas around at the moment

DCC 6Oscar: Speaking of covers....

DCC 6Oscar: ...Who would you like to see cover a Metallica song? Any dream artists?

Mtllca1035: J: MetallicABBA

Mtllca1035: L: Barbra Streisand

DCC 6Oscar: Any particular song? And would you back her?

Mtllca1035: L: Dyers Eve

DCC 6Oscar: I'll send the idea to her "people." Okay, next?

Question: Is Metallica really gonna do a BLUES Album?

DCC 6Oscar: Another question or two?

Question: Jason i loved your bass solo last night when did u start playing bass?

Mtllca1035: L: We already did "Kill 'Em All"

Mtllca1035: J: Since 1978 or so

DCC 6Oscar: Next.

Question: Jaymz..or Lars....i think it rocks you have that "Ecstacy of Gold" thing

Question: back...are you planning on bringing any other old concert traditions back?

DCC 6Oscar: Folks, we only have time for two more questions.

Mtllca1035: L: I don't PLAN anything . . . stuff around here happens very spontaneously

DCC 6Oscar: The band has been very generous with their time on an off day in Chicago.

Question: What is your favorite song that you've done?

Mtllca1035: L: Changes all the time, at the moment it's "Bleeding Me"

Mtllca1035: J: "Outlaw Torn"

Mtllca1035: J: Or "Dyers Eve"

Question: I was wondering if Metallica ever feels that they have gotten too large..

Question: . too much of a gathering behind them (sell-outs) and do they mind the

Question: popularity they've received in the last few years?

DCC 6Oscar: Good question to end with.

Mtllca1035: L: I'm back down to my touring weight of 132

DCC 6Oscar: Jason and Lars (James and Kirk) thanks so much for chatting with us.

Mtllca1035: L: Given a choice, I'd rather do what we do and be popular than not

Mtllca1035: J: Thank you

Mtllca1035: L: Thank you

DCC 6Oscar: Kind of a no-brainer, huh?

DCC 6Oscar: Thanks again, and best of luck down the road!

DCC 6Oscar: Folks, thanks for chatting with Metallica tonight. Take care, everyone!

DCC 6Oscar: Good night! Flick those lighters! Metallica has left the building!

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