This is a Public chat with Lars Ulrich that took place on April 8, 1996. It was at the AOL Center Stage chat room, and was open to anyone.

AOLiveMC4: Good evening and welcome to Center Stage Lars Ulrich!

MET CLUB: Hi. Lars here, live from NYC.

AOLiveMC4: Ready for some audience questions Lars?

MET CLUB: Ready to go.

Question: Lars, how long do you guys get to play for Lollapalooza and will there be a snake pit?

MET CLUB: We will be playing for 90 minutes and there will be no snake pit.

Question: What will the new album be like? Will there be any instrumentals? What is it's title?

MET CLUB: The title is "LOAD". It is amazing. The best thing we've done since the last album and there are a lot of instrumental bits between the vocals.

Question: About the new logo, will it be on the next album cover? What will the cover look like?

MET CLUB: The new logo will definitely be part of the album package. The cover will be a photo that is really cool and in a warped way, could tie in with the title.

Question: What do you think about some of these new, no hair, grungy looking bands today?

MET CLUB: They should shower.

Question: Lars, I was wondering if you could tell us what inspired Metallica to take part in Lollapalooza 1996?

MET CLUB: A desire to try something different, going into uncharted territory, to play with bands that we would not normally get to play with, and the fun of a live experience that is new to us.

Question: Are you going to do any videos this time around? Please say no!

MET CLUB: Ok... no... Sorry I am lying. We are just talking about that as we are speaking... nothing definitive yet

Question: May I ask why you downsized your set Lars?

MET CLUB: I was hanging out in Seattle with my friend Jerry, from "Alice in Chains" and we went down to their practice room for a jam and I played on Shawns's drums and I really loved playing on the smaller drums. I went back to SF and downsized my own kit.

Question: Lars, tell us about the most memorable moment of your career?

MET CLUB: Talking on AOL right now, or getting my hair cut.

Question: Hi Lars, this is Stephan from MD, What were the main influences for the new album?

MET CLUB: Bombay Sapphire Gin and generally just trying to loosen up. Once again as with every record we have ever done, follow our instincts and just play what our hearts tell us to do.

Question: Lars, do you plan on doing another tour for "LOAD" other than Lollapalooza?

MET CLUB: After Lolla, we go overseas for the rest of the year but anybody who knows our previous touring escapades will probably guess what happens next.

Question: Can you give a hint to any of the other song names/subjects for "LOAD"?

MET CLUB: Don't tell anyone but...a couple of other song titles are.. "Cure"..."Until It Sleeps" and "King Nothing"

Question: Why did you guys cut your hair?

MET CLUB: To give you guys something to talk about and... for no other reason than I wanted to.

Question: Lars, after all of the live material you guys have put out, is there any song from your earlier records that you may play for the first time on tour this time around?

MET CLUB: Good question. I think there will be and I already have one potential in mind, but I can guarantee that there will be some surprises next time you see us live.

Question: Lars, I'm 13, and all of my friends have been telling me that you guys are going "alternative." PLEASE tell me that isn't true. I've got all your albums, "Binge & Purge", etc. Thanks.

MET CLUB: We are not going "anything", this is the 15th year of us doing what we have always done and the only thing we know how to do, which is be Metallica.

Question: Lars, Metallica obviously hasn't reached its peak yet, with every record doing better than the last... what are your feelings on this?

MET CLUB: Is that a question from Bob Rock? Aa with any record, my feelings are that this is the best record we can make at this time, whatever happens... happens.

Question: Lars, how do you think that your playing styles have varied from the "Kill 'Em All days", to present day?

MET CLUB: Our musical horizons and abilities have definitely broadened, our styles have matured as we have.

Question: Hello, I've been writing and recording music in my own studio for the past 6 years. Any suggestions how I can get bands to listen to the songs for consideration?

MET CLUB: Send them to publishing companies.

Question: Do you know of anywhere that I can get a hold of your NWOBHM: '79 Revisited record? I've tried like hell to find it, but I always end up empty-handed!

MET CLUB: Why don't you call Metalblade records and ask them. That's the label it came out on. I think they are located in the 805 area code.

Question: Hi Lars. Will there be anyone other than James singing lead on the new album?

MET CLUB: No. Jason is doing some backups here and there.

Question: Lars, tell us yourself, how heavy is the new album?

MET CLUB: 8 oz..

Question: How long have you guys been working on the new album?

MET CLUB: We started writing in late 94, went in the studio last summer, and have been working on it ever since.

Question: I'm a big fan of the double bass on "Master and Justice". How come you lacked a lot of it on Metallica?

MET CLUB: Cause I got bored with it and wanted experiment with some different drum things.

Question: Lars, say that Metallica just formed last year and "Kill 'em All" released instead of "LOAD", with the industry where it is now do you think a label would be interested in the band and do you think you would be able to reach the status you have today? PS: You guys are GODS!

MET CLUB: I hate I can't really give you an answer on that, but maybe with our new silly hair cuts we would stand a better chance.

Question: Metallica and Oasis-- what's the connection?

MET CLUB: Two good bands that both like great songs and have a lot of attitude. Two good band that write good songs... sorry.

Question: Is there anything about your career that you would change?

MET CLUB: Being photographed in a white leather jacket in the fall of 91.

Question: Yo Lars, during your last tour what size and what kind of china did you use?

MET CLUB: 19 inch china boy low, Zildjian.

Question: When did you first start playing the drums, and do you regret quitting Tennis?

MET CLUB: I first started drums in 1976 and having the same drum kit and being greatly influenced by Ian Paicee from "Deep Purple" and John Coglan from "Status Quo". I do not regret quitting tennis.

Question: Who's your favorite band (besides Metallica!)?

MET CLUB: At the moment it's "Alice in Chains", "Oasis", "COC" and "Black Grape". All time favorites..."Deep Purple", "Motorhead", "Diamond Head" and "Black Sabbath".

Question: Why did you choose to call the new album "LOAD"?

MET CLUB: We wanted a name that sounded really good , that was vague and had lots of different meanings.

AOLiveMC4: We have time for one last question.

Question: Will there be lots of those patented Metallica guitar solos?

MET CLUB: There will be a few songs with "those patented Metallica guitar solos". There will be a few songs with some very different Metallica guitar solos. There will be a few songs with some solos from James and a few songs with no solos.

AOLiveMC4: Lars Ulrich, thanks for joining us tonight and we all look forward to the release of "LOAD". Any closing comments?

MET CLUB: See all of you all soon!

AOLiveMC4: Thank you audience for joining us and for your great questions! Goodnight!

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