This was also a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Lars Ulrich held on April 8, 1996.

MET CLUB:Hello from Lars...

JessUM:Lars, do you have a title for the song about 20 minutes into the fan can video, the fast... one that goes "Out of your mind and into mine"?

MET CLUB:It's called "Ain't my Bitch;" potential album opener. SSteele023:Hey Lars! Thanx for the drumstick in Clarkston, MI. What's going on with side projects, like the Thin Lizzy tribute album?

MET CLUB:Right now everybody is 110% focused on Metallica, the side projects are in off time. Obviously we are tied with Metallica for the next long while.

LuvJaysun:Lars, any more Lollapalooza dates available?

MET CLUB:The Lollapalooza dates are not yet finalized, because the tour is trying to play some different places than before. It's quite hard to find the right spots in certain areas and there are also a couple of places where I understand that the tour has been denied permits, so all the dates are still being dealt with and as soon as they are finalized you can get details through the Metallica Club!

Metalimirk:In 'Master Of Puppets' & '...And Justice For All,' there was an overriding theme that connected all songs on the LP. Is this something to be expected with Load, or the upcoming 7th Album?

MET CLUB:We've been getting into doing things less direct and more vague than before.. there definitely isn't an overriding theme on the new record and most of the lyrics are much more personal than they have ever been before.

Dirtnap101:What covers/B-sides are you guys working on this time around? How do you guys keep in shape for those never ending tours and those long studio sessions?

MET CLUB:The B-side issue is something we are just getting around to dealing with. Being on tour keeps you in shape automatically by playing everyday, it's the down time that is the problem.

JagerJ:Lars, you're the best!! I love your simple, groove-oriented style, but... is there going to be more double-bass on the new album?

MET CLUB:I got really bored with all the double bass stuff I was doing and needing some new challenges. Trying to play simple, loose and bouncy was a lot harder than I initially thought and I am still really into the challenge.

HSwann:How old were you when you started playing and who do you think is the best drummer of all time?

MET CLUB:I was around 12... the two best drummers of all time for me are Ian Paice of 'Deep Purple' for ability, and Phil Rudd of 'AC/DC' for groove and swing.

PaulieMet:Lars what do you guys think about the comments about your new look?

MET CLUB:I can actually understand that some people question it... but I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that there are no reasons, other than the four of us, at various points in the last year, getting bored with having long hair and decided to do something about it.

BREDFAN666:Will Metallica ever make another album that's fast like 'Kill 'em All,' 'Ride the Lightning,' 'Master of Puppets' and 'Justice'?

MET CLUB:We already made those records... why repeat ourselves? I learned to never say never... so who knows in the future, but right now our hearts and souls are in a slightly different place.

J3SIDES:Is there going to be any type of seating for Metallica Club members? Or are all Lollapalooza's general admission? Lars, what are your thoughtson Perry Farrell's comments?

MET CLUB:You gotta remember Lollapalooza is not our tour and we are not trying to take it over and control it.. we will do what we can for you guys and as far as I know now all Lollapalooza dates are general admission. As far as Perry Farrell goes... I know he has wanted out for a couple of years and if he wants to use Metallica as the scapegoat, I don't give a shit!

Hunter1115:What do you think about Detroit's Z-Rock holding an annual 36 hour Metallica-thon?

MET CLUB:I think it's really cool, how about doing it weekly!?

Battery424:I've heard rumor of you guys playing a "Grateful Dead" type tour, as far as set lists go.. i.e. not playing the same show in a row... have you even thought about that?

MET CLUB:We are definitely going to try and be loose with the set list than we have been before, but you do come to a point where you realize that certain things work better than others and you can't discard that.

SStANKERS:Are you guys going to do another Day On the Green or any other concerts to open up the tour, preferably Oakland?

MET CLUB:We are going to do some scattered club dates for Metallica club members only in June in the states and we are going to play a big festival in Copenhagen Denmark June 15th... then off to Lollapalooza!

KELLCEE:Hey Lars! Are you (Metallica) planning on expanding your music video production into more creative endeavors rather than performance clips?

MET CLUB: We are dealing with that right now, some of the people we are talking to are definitely of a different mind set than the people we have used before, believe me!

Evil Carlos:Will 'Load' (and the singles) be available on vinyl? Any thoughtson having a CD-Rom deal?

MET CLUB:I know the album will be available on vinyl as a double album..not sure about the singles. I don't know s*** about CD-Rom.... ask Kirk!

RydDaWind:Hey Lars, very big fan, I choose your playin' style over other drummers! Anyhow... the question is, has a fan ever come up to you and openly told you that you guys disappointed him in any way? And if so, do you ever think about that over night?

MET CLUB:Anybody who tells you that they don't care about what people think is lying... but everybody has different ways of dealing with it... and yes, people have come and told us things like that.. but the positive outweighs the negative about 100 to 1.

CLRPLATE: Where do you get inspiration for song writing?

MET CLUB: Just listening to any music that gets you off in general... it's impossible to pinpoint much beyond that.

CMKav: Lars, do you check the Metallica message boards here on AOL, and if so what do you think of them?

MET CLUB: I check them from time to time, mostly in I'll check everyday for a week and then not for a couple of weeks it's pretty fun, but sometimes it's kind of distracting to have people give you their opinions on something you are still working on and not even done with yet.

MET CLUB:Look forward to see all you guys this summer! Let's have some fun on Lollapalooza! See ya!

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