This was a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Lars Ulrich held on April 8th, 1996.

OUIJA 17: Knowing your affection for Oasis will they be openers for Metallica in the fall and what do you think of the band Bush?

MET CLUB: I don't think Oasis would ever support Metallica and Bush are ok, they don't do much for me, either negative or positive.

CTHULUMAN: Did Jaymz' Pop's dying (my condolences) affect the record?

MET CLUB: I think there have been very subtle affects that have crept in some lyrics, but generally from a time point of view, it didn't affect recording much too badly.

WHedr1: Not counting The Black Album, what songs haven't you played live?

MET CLUB: We have never played "Dyer's Eve", "Escape" and I think that's it.

Gretsch15: What brand of drumset did you have at a younger age?

MET CLUB: Ludwig, 'cause I wanted the same drum kit as Ian Paice from Deep Purple.

JDROP: Jason and the IR8 situation... how far did it almost go?

MET CLUB: Anybody have Mike Inez's phone number?? 'Nuff said. nah, ....a couple of good round table talks and everything got talked through.

VJHIGHLAND: Who do you want to see in the "special guests" slot on Lollapalooza? Did you request Soundgarden?

MET CLUB: We definitely pushed for Soundgarden. The "special guest slots?"..... I have heard some very cool names thrown around, some of which include.. but not confirmed; Tom Waites.. Waylon Jennings...and I am also pushing hard Black Grape on the B stage and also.....IR8!

Metal Mel: I've heard that a cover of 'Def Lep's' "Wasted" has been recorded by you guys...Is it on Load?

MET CLUB: One word answer... no

Metal1996: Is it true that you are dating Courtney Love?

MET CLUB: No, she dumped me for that half naked man on the cover of the new Rolling Stone.

Jaymz666: What's your favorite Ramones album? How does it feel to be on the same bill with them?

MET CLUB: The first one and "Leave Home"......right on!

JD L LK: How do you feel about some of the "so called fans" saying that Metallica has "sold out" or "gone mainstream"?

MET CLUB: I believe that the real fans know the real story and that the mainstream came to us.

MDevito893: Have you ever considered working with engineer/producer Martin (Purple, Rainbow) Birch?

MET CLUB: Hi Mark.. check's in the mail!! Definitely was interested in Birch in the early years when he was making all those Iron Maiden records, but the relationship with Flemming Rasmussen was too strong to break.

SHANE5150: Was is hard for you and James to give Jason and Kirk more input on the song writing?

MET CLUB: Not at all, we have always picked the best material and who ever came up the idea is irrelevant.

Ktulu 77: Do you guys dislike Pantera? If so why? Support any death? Think Cliff would have a custom bass if alive? Like his own line of basses?

MET CLUB: No, I don't dislike Pantera...I don't know much about death music. I think Cliff would probably have his own line of spliff basses.

W1A1S1P1: I always have wanted to thank you, Lars, for tossing me a drum stick at a show in Foxboro, Ma 9-11-92. Thanks a bunch. That show kicked ASS!!

MET CLUB: You're welcome, but just know I had a personal relationship with that stick and I miss it.

CHAPPELLE: What about a Metallica Club party, somewhere in the USA, for just jamming around, maybe with guests, for charity and/or pay per view?

MET CLUB: Maybe we can organize an album release party at my house and you're all invited! Nah, on second thought, we are definitely lining up some scattered club gigs around the release of the record for club members only. Watch this space!

OnlyMolly: Do You think MTV does more bad than good? I think its filled with a lot of mind numbing crap.

MET CLUB: I think the 'Grind' is the best show on aim in life is to be the guest host.

PHyland: How do you like doing on-line events? Any chance we'll see sneak previews of 'Load' on-line?

MET CLUB: I like doing this on-line stuff and we are definitely considering to preview stuff.

Stevene127: Is 'Devil Dance' going to be on "Load"?... And any ballads?

MET CLUB: 'Devil's Dance' will not be on Load, it will be on album #7 with all the roughly 14 other songs that we have been working on for the last 6 months. I wouldn't use the word ballad, but there is a fairly mellow song on 'Load'.

OUIJA 17: What is your favorite beer? Hard liquor?

MET CLUB: The first one of evening, then the next one, the free one, the cold one and the one from farthest away. I have been drinking a lot of Bombay Sapphire Gin lately.

CTHULUMAN: Any idea's for the next Fan Can and when its due out?

MET CLUB: Our plan is to have a Fan Can once a year, generally around Christmas to late winter.

WHedr1: Many people say that Metallica saved their lives.I'm sure you've heard this more times that you're heard the phrase "Sell out"..... does it still affect you?

MET CLUB: Anytime anybody has something to say about Metallica it affects me, but when people say that Metallica saved their lives, it blows our mind.

Gretsch15: How do you feel about having been a band through 2 generations (80's - 90's) and playing for 2 completely different sets of fans? You've gone from openers to headliners to gods! How does this make you feel?

MET CLUB: I am always so focused in the present that the past is not something I think alot about, but when you point it out like you just did, of course it feels great!

JDROP: Metallica is known for the cover tunes. What do we have to look forward to this time around?

MET CLUB: We are just coming around to think of that right now, we are throwing ideas around and we've got one or two pretty unusual ideas.

VJHIGHLAND: How has Kirk and Jason's influence affected "Load"? also any chance of you guys playing any songs from album no#7 on the next tour?

MET CLUB: We actually did talk about that and I tell you that there is a good shot that we might! Most of Kirk's contributions have made the guitar riffs bluesier and bouncier.

Metal Mel: Is a Detroit date on your list for a club/release show? How will the shortened Lollapalooza set affect your setlist choices?

MET CLUB: No plans for Detroit....I just started thinking about the set list and I definitely want to put together a really tight and "up" set.

Metal1996: Do you think mags like Rolling Stone will support Metallica this time?

MET CLUB: I think Rolling Stone will blow a big wad when they hear this record! I just hope they don't find out we are in NY!

Jaymz666: Would you ever consider letting non-signed bands open up for you? I know of one that you might just like. They're called Juvenocracy. Ask Devito about 'em.

MET CLUB: Are they as good as Oasis?

Jaymz666: Hmmmm.

JD L LK: What was your first reaction to being asked to play at Lollapalooza, BTW, I agree w/what you said about real fans and mainstream going to you. METALLICA RULZ!!!

MET CLUB: I was initially very surprised but when I thought about it, it kind of made sense.. I think Metallica is always about being the underdog and the outsiders, but in some perverse way I think Metallica and Lollapalooza in 1996 fit together really well!

MDevito893 : "Is my check really in the mail?" OR "Any info on the next "Year & 1/2 in the life of..." video?

MET CLUB: There were no camera's documenting the making of this record other than the stuff you guys saw in the Fan Can, but we did take a camera crew with us on our Donington/Tuk trek in August 1995 and there's a chance we might do something with that fairly soon.

SHANE5150: Are you good friends with Sammy Hagar and haven't you gone to Cabo and jammed?

MET CLUB: Sammy lives 10 minutes from me, we run into each other often and I did go down to Cabo with Jerry and Mike from 'Alice In Chains' in October 1994 and got up to absolutely no good!

Ktulu 77: Answer honestly please: who did you work better with? Cliff/Jason? Did Cliff have a girlfriend? What kind of cigarettes did he smoke?

MET CLUB: Honest answer.. Cliff and Jason were/are so polar opposites that it doesn't compare... Cliff had one or two girlfriends in the years that I knew him; I think it was Marlboro and some funny green ones with a different smell.

W1A1S1P1: In the "Roam" tour book there is a picture of you "Bleeding For Moscow" What happened?

MET CLUB: During "Harvester" my finger got caught between the rim and the stick and decided to bleed for the next 6 hours.

CHAPPELLE: How come James hasn't done somersaults since the first tours? He's a clown!

MET CLUB: What the hell are you talking about?? I have no idea!!

OnlyMolly: Would you ever do any shows with NIN? The two best live bands would crush.

MET CLUB: I love NIN! We actually did play together at Woodstock ..remember? We tried to get them play with us at Donington last year and maybe we'll do something one day.

Stevene127: In regard to your new symbol with the four M's - who's idea? Will the Scary Guy be preserved? (I did the SG interview in So What) and why Bombay over Tanguery?

MET CLUB: The four M symbol was James' idea and I am sure Scary Guy will pop up again soon! And Bombay is stronger the Tanguery and it's easier to spell.

MET CLUB: Ok.. thanks alot, it's been fun!!
MET CLUB: see ya out there somewhere.

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