This was a public chat for AOL members with Kirk Hammett held on February 15th, 1995.

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CSEmcee1: Good evening Kirk!

MET CLUB: Good evening everyone. I am talking to you via The Metallica Club and it feels good to be out of the studio for a day!

Question: The next album: Heavier and darker and faster?

MET CLUB: I am ready to answer your questions! Of course it's going to be heavy! It runs the whole gambit, light and dark, fast and slow, you are going to experience a lot of Metallica music i.e.. a lot of songs.

Question: What kind of distortion pedal do you use?

MET CLUB: For a full equipment list...check out the Metallica Music Space and I use a Ibanez tube Screamer.

Question: What's your favorite album?

MET CLUB: Metallica or otherwise? It's hard for me to single out a Metallica album, because I love them all. My favorite all time album is Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland.

Question: Kirk, Metallica songs have such deep meanings to them (especially your older ones) how do you guys do this?

MET CLUB: Yoga, just kidding... we take a lot of time and care, spend a lot of effort in to the creation of an album and make sure it's the best thing we can do, cause it's our life work. We are our own roughest critics.

Question: When is Metallica coming to Oakland, CA?

MET CLUB: I am coming to Oakland tonight! We are probably going to start touring in early summer of 96.

Question: What is your favorite song to play in concert?

MET CLUB: Enter Sandman and Sad But True.

Question: We're all looking forward to another Alaska visit from you! Even 350 miles to Anchorage isn't enough to keep us away! I heard about your show with Hole in Northern Canada, and I was wondering if about 200 of us charter a plane and show up, will we get in?

MET CLUB: You should contact Molsen for this question.

Question: Kirk, who was most influential to you?

MET CLUB: Jimi Hendrix and Chet Baker and Diane Arbus, the photographer.

Question: Hey many songs are done on the new album so far? When do you expect it to be out?

MET CLUB: We have about 6 drum takes in the can, and I expect it out when it is done.

Question: What's the new album gonna be like?

MET CLUB: Round with a hole in the center.. unless you buy the cassette.

Question: Kirk, I've been a fan of Metallica since '85...When can we expect the next album, and are you going to try to go back to the earlier sound or experiment in a new direction as you did with _Metallica_?

MET CLUB: We are constantly experimenting with the music, but there are pieces that are reminiscent of earlier styles.

Question: Who thought up the concert that will take place in the Arctic?

MET CLUB: This is something that Molsen Ice approached us to do. We didn't even know it existed but it happens every year evidently.

Question: Kirk, Orion is one of my favorite songs. What was the motivation behind this instrumental song?

MET CLUB: It was based around the long, haunting harmony in the middle that Cliff wrote.

Question: How is it being in one of the most popular Heavy Metal Bands?

MET CLUB: Extremely boring.. just kidding.. playing music is the only thing that I can do competently and I am appreciative to be doing beats working in a coal mine.

Question: Kirk, I can almost perfectly duplicate your lead guitar music, I just can't get the speed where I want it. Got any suggestions?

MET CLUB: Try coming up with your own fast licks and practice them quickly, when you've perfected them, try play playing my licks.

Question: Kirk, are we going to hear any instrumentals on the next album?

MET CLUB: Absolutely not.

Question: Kirk can you tell me when did you decide to become a guitarist?

MET CLUB: Last week.. just kidding...when I broke my brothers tennis racquet, I was about 15 years old.

Question: Hey Kirk how's it goin'? Now for the long awaited question. What's the new album sound like???

MET CLUB: It will have guitars, drums, bass and vocals.

Question: On your new album did Lars and James comprise most of the songs or was it a group effort?

MET CLUB: James wrote the bulk of the material, with Lars helping with writing and arrangement, I contributed about a third and Jason contributed on one song.

Question: Kirk, Have you done any projects with other bands?

MET CLUB: Not yet, but I plan to.

Question: Hello Kirk, I am a guitar player too, and I was wondering if you could tell me what gear you use live to achieve that awesome sound?

MET CLUB: Refer to the equipment list in the Metallica Music Space, but thanks for thinking it's awesome.

Question: So how much stuff do you guys already have written for the new album? When will it be released?

MET CLUB: 99% of the material has been written and it will be out when it comes out.

Question: What are some of the latest CDs you've bought? COC?

MET CLUB: PJ Harvey, COC, Zooropa, The Swans, Portished.

Question: How many guitars would you say you've owned since you first began playing?

MET CLUB: I've lost count, I am always trading, that's why.

Question: Kirk, I was wondering if you have encountered a jazz rock fusion band named PHISH if so, what do you think of them?

MET CLUB: I've heard Phish and it's not my bag of tea.

Question: What's the feeling like this time in the studio, y'know--being closer to home while recording?

MET CLUB: More distractions, like hockey, local shows, martinis, and girlfriends.

Question: How long have you been playing. It sounds like a long time from your songs?

MET CLUB: Since I was 15 , for about 17 years now.

Question: Hello Kirk, When are you and Joe Satriani due for a public jam session?

MET CLUB: We are both in the studio right now, so it's not going to be anytime soon.

Question: Kirk, in what direction do you think today's music is going in?

MET CLUB: The music industry seems to change every 6 months, today's Bush was yesterday's Whitesnake was yesterday's Knack.

Question: How many hours a day do you practice?

MET CLUB: When I am on tour 4-5 hours off stage, off tour about 2-3 hours. I tend to stay in hotel room and play when I am on tour.

Question: Do you think that Joe Satriani's influences in the past have had any effect on your style of playing today?

MET CLUB: Definitely, he showed me a more complete way of visualizing the guitar neck.

Question: In my opinion you hit a peak with your leads on the fifth album. Did the influence of Bob Rock have anything to do with that (i.e. a little more discipline) and is Bob producing the current project?

MET CLUB: Bob Rock and I have a good connection cause he is a guitar player also. He would say play a Clapton lick here or a Blackmore lick there, whenever I ran into a problem. He is producing again.. so far.

Question: Kurt, if you could be any other musician than yourself, who would you be?

MET CLUB: I think you should just put K-I-R-K.

Question: What is your favorite horror movie?

MET CLUB: Tetsuo-The Iron Man and the old Universal classic horror movies.

Question: What band were you in before Metallica?

MET CLUB: Exodus.

Question: Are you doing another video to accompany the album, like "A year and a half in the Life of Metallica?"
>BR? MET CLUB: Yes, we are!

Question: Does your pairing with Hole on the Molson promotion indicate that you guys are fans, or was that purely a management decision?

MET CLUB: Purely a management decision, thank you!

Question: Why doesn't Metallica sell albums through Columbia House or BMG?

MET CLUB: Because it's easier just to go down to your local record store.

Question: Does Metallica still keep in touch with Diamond Head?

MET CLUB: I think they have broken up.. we haven't really heard from any of the guys lately.

Question: What advice would you give to a young guitar player?

MET CLUB: Practice, practice, practice and listen to as much different types of music as possible.

MET CLUB: Be sure to check out the new Music space site with Metallica!! And for information on joining The Metallica club.. E-mail us with your full name and address to MET CLUB.

MET CLUB: Thanks for coming tonight and I am looking forward to our next Members Only on-line chat. We will currently be in the studio through next year.. and hopefully we will see you all on the road by next summer.

MET CLUB: Thanks a lot!!! Bye!

MichelleJC: Unfortunately our time for the event is up. Thanks to our audience and especially to Metallica! Have a great night all!

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