This was a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Kirk Hammett held on February 15th, 1995.

RussellMB: Ok, Are you guys gonna have an instrumental on the new album?

MET CLUB: At this point , they are all instrumentals. James hasn't written any lyrics.

KZ South: Fr: Lisa How much do you and the other guys get online??

MET CLUB: KZ - Speaking for myself, at least twice a day.

NO1257: What is your guestimate on when the new one will be done?

MET CLUB: hopefully by the end of the year!

KevinH4474: In the begining of Blackened, how and why did you record guitars backwards???

MET CLUB: To set a vibe, mood, atmosphere for that song and the rest of the album. Just flipped the tape.

IvoA: do you have any plans to make a guitar lessons video?

MET CLUB: once I learn to play myself, maybe!

JDROP: Whatever happened to the Lespool/Hammett tapes? Will they be made available?

MET CLUB: There is one track that Les, Mike Borden and I recorded that Les is gonna release.

Stinky10: Did you ever have a revelation of how much you loved music, and began to appreciate it much more? How/Why did it happen?

MET CLUB: When I was 5 years old, I loved the blame Yoko. My brother had a guitar too that I thought was the neatest thing in the world.

Boaris: I notice Bevis and Butthead always wear Metallica shirts. Are you flattered by this or do you consider Mike Judge the creator a social climber?

MET CLUB: I am flattered that you think using the name Metallica is social climbing.

Craig1560: Whats in your CD player right now? And how loud was/is it?!?!

MET CLUB: John McLahlin - Carlos Santana - Jazz rock fusion thing.... loud enough to annoy my girlfriend.

Stevene127: Kirk, Do you expect to have any ballads on this album? If so, can you compare it to any previous?

MET CLUB: you can expect ballads and this album has a greater variety of hard rock , metal styles.

Woof Woof: What vintage and make guitar do you prefer to record with?

MET CLUB: I use my stage guitars...but on this album I am going to use pre - CBS Stratocaster and 58 Les Paul standard.

IvoA: What did santa bring you for christmas?

MET CLUB: A lot of headaches and hangovers and a new train set.

RussellMB: Where do you guys hang out when in Seattle?

MET CLUB: The Gravity Bar.

KZ South: What did you find the most interesting when taking music courses???
MET CLUB: Theory and harmony.

NO1257: I heard you like NYC. I live here and was wondering what some of your fav places to go/things to do are when in town. Jason too. I've also heard you two are Ranger fans. T/F?

MET CLUB: I have a lot of friends there....they take me to where all the fun is. I like whatever team James and Lars don't like.

KevinH4474: why did you go from a hard album like Justice to a softer one like the black thing, what will the next one be most like?

MET CLUB: I think the Black album was just as heavy in a different kind of way and the new one will probably be yet another kind of heavy.

GOSHEN400: On the next tour will you guyz spend time, playing jams like justice medley no vocals

MET CLUB: We haven't even begun to think about the next tour. But these medleys help rest James voice.

JDROP: Who plays the rhythm part of "Funeral March of the Marionette's?"

MET CLUB: James and Jason while sitting under the stage.

Stinky10: How do your musical ideas come about? Do you think of something then try to transcribe your idea onto guitar? Do they come from just playing?

MET CLUB: They come both ways, it depends if I have a guitar around or not.

Boaris: I raise racehorses and want to name a good one Master of Puppets. Do you think you guys would give permission?

MET CLUB: if it wins the KY Derby, we want a cut!

Stevene127: Regarding your guitar solo last tour (after "Seek" and *just* before the "Unforgiven"-theme).... it was sort of different... did you write it? If not what was it?

MET CLUB: I did write it, it was classically inspired.

KELLCEE: I'm going to Copenhagen, and I wanted to know if you had any cool places (other than strip joints) to hang out at?

MET CLUB: Tivoli Center and christiana.

MetalKaryn: How many piercings do you have and do you plan on getting any more? Where?

MET CLUB: Both ears, lip , belly button and nose twice. But you can't tell..working my way south.

GOSHEN400: Have you thought of using a different set list for each show? And has Jason taken singing lessons?

MET CLUB: To try to be fair to each city, we keep it similar. And no, Jason has not.

C5432: What do you want to achieve with the next record, and do you think you will achieve what you would like?

MET CLUB: We want to push ourselves into even more new areas and keep stretching our talents by experimenting.

C5432: WHat kind of music are you listening to lately

MET CLUB: A lot of stuff that influenced my guitar playing when I first old UFO.

KevinH4474: is anyone married?


NO1257: Does everyone have girlfriends at this time

MET CLUB: we all have girlfriends

JDROP: do you read "The Sandman" comic?

MET CLUB: No, I don't, JDrop

MET CLUB: I check the message boards regularly and really enjoy your comments

MET CLUB: Ok folks...enjoyed it...time for us to go!!

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