This was a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Kirk Hammett held on February 15th, 1995.

What is your favorite horror movie?

MET CLUB: Bride of Frankenstein and Tetsuo - The Iron Man

MetalJEN: What is your favorite current band?

MET CLUB: Godflesh

Metalgdess: How many tracks do you have for the new album, and any titles?

MET CLUB: More than your standard albums worth.. watch out for working titles in SO WHAT!

Crab Nappy: Do you pump your own gas or do you go thru full serve like all the rich people do? Also, which brand of gas do you prefer?

MET CLUB: I pump my own... but I have it imported from Kuwait. The Taco Bell brand.

Ktulu666: How is the new music sounding?

MET CLUB: Raw and uncomplicated and very under produced

JHeadr4337: Who came up with the idea to make fun of Alice in Chains and how did they take it?

MET CLUB: We just started jamming on it one night and Jerry had a good laugh

Velcro7: Any thoughts of KNAC 105.5 going off the air... Lars and Jaymz were down here in L.A. today to say goodbye with all the DJs and stuff (and get drunk).

MET CLUB: Great station.. shame it's gone.

TudorRose: Does Jaymz have any lyrics yet?

MET CLUB: Just working on melodies

EvilCarlos: Why does James always write "except K---" in liner notes like on Cliff 'em All, GDRR, B&P?

MET CLUB: It's just a running joke between the band.

SteveG9712: Have you ever done anything with strange tunings like Jimmy Page did?

MET CLUB: Nothing that has ever made it onto an album and not live since I changed my roadie.

RSkalicky: What's your favorite and least favorite Metallica song to play live? And why?

MET CLUB: Both of them are Seek and Destroy... every time we play it I get into like the first time.

W1A1S1P: Do you think you will ever do a solo project?

MET CLUB: Too much work with the band right now but I do do a solo performance in the bathroom every night.

MetalJEN: What is your favorite out of all your guitars? How many do you have?

MET CLUB: My black Flying V is my fav.. too many to count.

Ktulu666: Will Jason sing on any of the new tracks?

MET CLUB: Not if we can help it or unless he fights real strong.

Velcro7: Any favorite new albums, like Slayer, Danzig, Pearl Jam, Melvins or anything else?

MET CLUB: New Danzig... PJ Harvey.. Godflesh.... Oasis... Portished.

EvilCarlos: Any plans for a Cliff tribute? It's almost been 9 years... do you still talk to his family?

MET CLUB: We consider each album a tribute... I talk to his Dad occassionaly ..his Mom died in '93.

SteveG9712: Are you going to be riding the pedals hard on the new CD, or running straight through?

MET CLUB: Yes, I'll be riding the pedals pretty hard and I'll be trying to get a new variety of sounds.

W1A1S1P1: Did you write any songs for the new album? Read any good books lately? Recommend??

MET CLUB: I have contributed to several songs. Hot Zone is incredible.. must read.

Metalgdess: What is your favorite area to tour, and why?

MET CLUB: The USA, because it's my home.

Ktulu666: Was the door that Frank Bello broke really $20,000?

MET CLUB: no it wasn't really $20,000... it was $850.

JHeadr4337: Do you have sort of release date for the new album, hopefully in '95!

MET CLUB: Hopefully by Thanksgiving.

Velcro7: There seems to be a punk bandwagon all of a sudden, into any of it?

MET CLUB: It's taken the youth of America 18 years to finally get it. Listen to GBH, Discharge, and Exploited.

TudorRose: What's you favourite Lovecraft story other than the Chthulu stories?

MET CLUB: Mountains of Madness

EvilCarlos: Are you filming in the studio again? Do you own the "Naked Truth" CD (James naked?) by the way, how's Edna?

MET CLUB: Probably will film... I don't to need to own it.. I have the real thing. Edna is sitting in a case in my closet.

SteveG9712: Sammy Hagar says you guys owe him $100 each. Are you going to pay up?<g>

MET CLUB: I tried to give him some champagne, but he wouldn't take it.

RSkalicky: I heard the new album may be 2 CD's, is that true and do you know of any '86 or older video bootlegs other than Cliff 'em All, if so which ones?

MET CLUB: Two CD's is news to me... there are dozens of bootleg videos out there.. that's how Cliff 'Em All was made.

Crab Nappy: Why do you guys owe Sammy? Would you do another Monsters tour with them if the oppurtunity would arise?

MET CLUB: He bet us that Justice would go multi-platinum.... probably not until we pay Sammy the bet.

Ktulu666: When the new album is released, will you guys be touring with Slayer, Sepultura, or Pantera?

MET CLUB: Unlikely, but we have not discounted anything yet.

JHeadr4337: I read that the studio is under going remodeling and that it will delay the album, true?

MET CLUB: It is almost done and it won't delay the album. Our pool playing tournaments probably will though.

Velcro7: Still hang with Les from Primus, and do you jam with other bands at their shows?

MET CLUB: I spent the weekend with Les at this ranch and I'll jam with anyone for a dollar.

SteveG9712: Are you guys going to drive Bob crazy again, or do you think this session will go smoother?

MET CLUB: We'll probably drive him crazy again but we'll do it in a much smoother fashion.

RSkalicky: Did you think twice about joining Metallica and did you play The Mechanix or Horse at your 1st gig?

MET CLUB: I didn't think twice, I had been fighting with Exodus and we played Four Horsemen at the first gig.

W1A1S1P1: How's Lars, Jason, James? How come "Garage Days Re-Revisited" $9.98 CD Got Deleted

MET CLUB: They are all great.... we drink martinis in between rehearsals.... The $9.98 CD was always meant to be an interim short term release to introduce Jason.

Metalgdess: What is your personal favorite work that you've put on an album?

MET CLUB: My personal favorite album is Master Of Puppets... it is hard to nail a personal favorite work down.

Crab Nappy: How come songs like Breadfan and So What are on imports from other countries but seldom or never on US versions???

MET CLUB: We use them as b-sides for singles, singles are considered more important in foreign markets.

Ktulu666: Are there any instrumentals on the new album?

MET CLUB: They are all instrumentals at this point.. James hasn't written any lyrics yet.

TudorRose: How heavy will the new album be?

MET CLUB: about 8 ounces.

SteveG9712: Which guitarists inspired you to learn to play? And what happened?<g>

MET CLUB: Hendrix... he died.

RSkalicky: whats your favorite gig other than Moscow '91 and will you guys kick the tour off in Phoenix?

MET CLUB: the Freddie Mercury Tribute... too damn hot in Phoenix.

W1A1S1P1: Have you ever listened to "DIE KRUPPS" Their tribute to Metallica is COOL :)

MET CLUB: I have listened to it and it has grown on me a little.

Metalgdess: What are some concepts you are working on for the next tour?

MET CLUB: Sobriety, no other thoughts yet.

Ktulu666: Has there been a lot of pressure following up the "Black album?"

MET CLUB: I try not to worry about that too much.. we focus forward not backwards.

Velcro7: Are you into any death metal bands, or in it at all?

MET CLUB: I like Pitchshifter and Fear Factory

SteveG9712: Kirk, Thanks for showing up. Can we expect a tour next winter? If so, PLEASE do Reno again!!

MET CLUB: Tour next year... in '96.

RSkalicky: On Cliff 'Em All, did you mean to lose your guitar to the crowd in Chicago?

MET CLUB: That was a complete accident.

MET CLUB: OK...folks... I monitor the boards regularly, if you have something to say to me.. go for it!

MET CLUB: I have really enjoyed doing this... I don't think it will be the last time.

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