This was a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Jason Newsted held on June 3rd, 1995.

BSmith8319: What is your opinion on bootlegs & do you collect any of your own live performances?

MET CLUB: Yes, I do collect our own perfomances, we all do, Lars has the most. Bootlegs are healthy, but I don't like to sign them because you never know what is on it.

Joehvymtl: Will you be singing on the new album at all?

MET CLUB: Yes, I will sing very loudly but whether it gets on the album is another thing

MetalGirl8: How come you only contributed to one song on the new album & will it be out before Christmas?

MET CLUB: I contributed to every song on the new album... you mean Christmas '96??!!

Hammett69: Jason, I would like to say thanks for signing my guitar case backstage in Tampa, and is this album gonna be the best?

MET CLUB: You're welcome and absolutely!

JagerJ: Can you give us any possible song titles or ideas for the name of the new album?

MET CLUB: You'll see it first in SO WHAT!! but you are welcome to send in cool ideas!

Crovel: Hey Jason, whats up? One of my girlfriends says your very cute and hot looking.

MET CLUB: Does her seeing eye dog like me as well?

WHedr1: After the Black album and tour Metallica established themselves as one of the great bands of all time. What goals.. personal or as a group do you have now?

MET CLUB: To stay there.. to maintain the integrity.

Metol: How many chicks do you guys get when you're on the road?

MET CLUB: not as many chicks as guys ;)

That Dude: Why did you cut your hair? Are you gonna grow the fro back? It was cool.

MET CLUB: I cut my hair in a drunken bet with James, and it is fro right now, very mad scientist looking!

BarbDwyer: Does Metallica consider "promoting" a band that's highly-deserving-yet-ignored-by-radio by taking it on tour?

MET CLUB: When it's our choice we always try to take bands we like irrespective of popularity.

PaulieMet: Are you still working on a side project with Jim Martin? I heard he formed new band Behemoth. Have you thought of getting married after going to the Andreas Kisser wedding?

MET CLUB: The side project was Fatso in spring of '94 and I have appeared with Jim's band live in the Bay area and yes, I've considered marrying Andreas.

MTLCA4EVER: Will you ever do a blues album, and do you like UK Wildcats b- ball?

MET CLUB: Yes, and hell yes!

CMKav: Any name for the new album yet?

MET CLUB: One Take Ulrich.. the OT trials!! ;).

Metalgdss: How is it that you are able to perform so many concerts per tour, and do so much, yet remain so nice?

MET CLUB: It's the calm professionalism of our tour manager and giant green buds from hell.

TudorRose: Have you heard the Mighty Mighty Bosstones version of Enter Sandman? If so, what did you think?

MET CLUB: Yes and it's cool

BSmith8319: What is the most creative present you have ever received from a fan?

MET CLUB: Anything from Japan.. garments.. hand made stuff.

Joehvymtl: You use 'Misery' in your solo a lot, it's a great song, will you ever play the whole song live?

MET CLUB: Ever? Yes

MetalGirl8: In the chat with Kirk he said you only contributed to one song thats why I asked :)

MET CLUB: Kirk's got his head up his thumb.. ;)

Hammett69: I had 2 guest passes when I bought my ESP KH-2 and my question is why did the security treat me like crap and could I go again?

MET CLUB: I don't handle security personally. Give a guy a uniform, it sometimes goes to their heads?

Crovel: What ever happened to that 3 song demo tape you handed out a while back? It was bitching.

MET CLUB: It's all over the place.

WHedr1: Do you (or did you ever) feel awkward playing the older Metallica songs?

MET CLUB: Maybe in the early years, but definitely not anymore.

That Dude: Do you have any strange body piercings? What's the most interesting thing that has been thrown at you?

MET CLUB: No, I leave the body modification to Kirk... a dart.

PaulieMet: What do think about MTV's lack of metal videos. Will they play your new ones? You're huge!!

MET CLUB: I think eMpTyV.

MTLCA4EVER: Do you like playing in Cincy, and who is your favorite football team?

MET CLUB: Yeah, we like playing in Cincy and I like the Lions and Raiders

CMKav: Any specific date on the release of the album?

MET CLUB: None whatsoever, probably '96.. everything is going really well and the new songs are huge.

JagerJ: When you were younger, when and where did you hear Metallica for the first time, and do you remember what song it was?

MET CLUB: I bought Kill 'Em All 2 weeks after it came out in Tempe AZ.. read about in Kerrang.

Metalgdss: What bass will you use live now, since you dropped Alembic?

MET CLUB: Probably Spector or ESP.

TudorRose: Any bass solos planned on the next album?

MET CLUB: Yeah, tons of them.. all over the shop

BarbDwyer: what do you think of King's X and Doug Pinnick's playing? Steve Morse? Muz Skillings?

MET CLUB: Pinnick's multi-string thing is very happening... Been a Steve Morse fan for many years...Skillings' stuff from Living Colour was cool..

BSmith8319: What do you find to do on tour just to get away from it all and remain semi-sane? Do you plan to tour as long again?

MET CLUB: You don't get away! You don't remain totally sane!! The next tour will be a really big one too.

Joehvymtl: Have you ever met Cindy Crawford? If so, what happened? Bet ya liked it if ya did. :-)

MET CLUB: Yes, we have all met her.. and Lars got a woody.

MetalGirl8: What do you think about the band HOLE? Since ya'll will be with them in September in Canada.

MET CLUB: I'd rather not think about it and I don't think about them.

Hammett69: Jason , do you really appreciate your fans, or are you in it for the money? Alot of people really belive in you.

MET CLUB: I really do appreciate our fans and the money is nice but it's not the reason I do it.

Crovel: What's some latest CDs you bought, and are you guys going to take Kyuss on the next tour through the states?

MET CLUB: Swans... Some old GBH.. Dead Kennedys..I would like to take Kyuss on tour.

WHedr1: I'm sure you know of the way you stomp during slow heavy tunes. Does the music make you do it or is it to make up for the inability to swirl your hair?

MET CLUB: Yes, the music makes me do it!!

Metol: what is your favorite color?

MET CLUB: Red.. no blue..aargggh!

PaulieMet: Hear any cool bands lately besides Metallica? Bought any new guitars lately and what kind?

MET CLUB: New Kyuss...White Zombie... bought some Tobias basses.

MTLCA4EVER: My 9 year old cousin plays guitar, any advice for him?

MET CLUB: Saturate your brain with all music.

MET CLUB: Thanks for showing up and I enjoyed it.. see ya next time.

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