This was a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Jason Newsted held on June 3rd, 1995.

B 0145: Do you like Social Distortion and if you haven't heard them check out their... "Somewhere between Heaven and Hell".

MET CLUB: Yes, I like them they are in my Cd player now.

KELLCEE: Hi Jase! Please settle a bet- In a fight to the death between Lars and Kirk, who would win?

MET CLUB: Probably Lars if their weapons are hot dogs.

HornedKing: Hey, Jason! What do you feel is your most acomplished song?

MET CLUB: One that you haven't heard yet

MetalLisa: I was fortunate to talk to you after a show last summer and you mentioned that y'all were near Mt. Tam Do you or the other guys get into hiking/backpacking?

MET CLUB: Yes, we are recording close to there...great biking, all outdoor activities.

KevinH4474: have you ever played Dyers Eve live? If so when/where? If not why? Will you play it next tour?

MET CLUB: We haven't yet!! Maybe someday, if we can remember it.

Fenderusr: What new countries will you be playing for this upcoming tour?

MET CLUB: Any that we can.

Boaris: Jason, when you are on tour how do you keep up with the rest of the world? Newspapers? TV?

MET CLUB: CNN and ever briefed by relentless tour management.

JDROP: Any story behind the Mustang? And can you tell us about the engine...?

MET CLUB: Got it from the fire chief of the town I live in.. and the engine is nothing really special.. 289 Hi-Po.

State97: In the future do you see Metallica as a landmark in metal? Do you think you will always have a big impact?

MET CLUB: I see them as a landmark now and hopefully for the duration.

DMConner: Who or what compelled you to do the IR8 thing? Anything like that on the new album?

MET CLUB: It just came about, I do side projects all of time and that one was exceptional. Not really any thing like it on new album.

W1A1S1P1: Hi Jason!! What made you decide to play bass instead of say Drums or Guitar

MET CLUB: Too many drummers and guitar players in this world already.

T Droopy: Jason will you sing on the album and what old Metallica album does the new one most sound like? What are some song names and album title?

MET CLUB: I will be singing, whether they record it or not is another story.. and it doesn't sound like any other Metallica album.

WIZARD1039: Hey Jason.. have you guys ever thought about starting up your own label?

MET CLUB: We just did, it's called Elektra ;)

METALMN432: Jason what do you think of Roanoke Virgina? Will you guys be here on tour?

MET CLUB: I think it's great!! And you know we'll be there man!!

EvilCarlos: Hey Jason! After ..Justice were you seriously considering quitting if the bass wasn't turned up?


B 0145: When in Michigan, do you ever come to Ann Arbor and what do you think of this city? Crisler is bigger than Wings and also know of any drummers this side of the state to be in my and JDrop's band?

MET CLUB: I haven't been to Ann Arbor in a long time. If Lars moves, I'll tell you.

NO1257: Do have any plans to ever record and release any of the jazz or blues you like to play sort of like the way the IR8 demo came out?

MET CLUB: Yes, someday... you'll be the first to know.

KELLCEE: Do you wear contact lenses, or do you only wear glasses? How come you don't wear your glasses all the time?

MET CLUB: I wear contacts... I don't wear the glasses because they fall off when I am on stage jammin' metal.

HornedKing: Do you keep in touch with other bands often? If so, which?

MET CLUB: Just a couple, Flotsam... Sepultura.. and the bassist from Buddy Guy's band.

MetalLisa: Will y'all be touring the US by next summer and will you offer after show passes to the club members like last year? (PLEASE?). It was really great that y'all did that.

MET CLUB: Yes and yes.


MET CLUB: Cuz of a drunken bet with Kirk and it's growing back wildly.. a'la mad scientist.

Fenderusr: What new countries will you be playing on the upcoming tour?

MET CLUB: As many as we possibly can and that will let us in.

Boaris: Would you like to produce your own videos? Are you happy with your previous productions?

MET CLUB: I wouldn't know where to start and a few of them have been pretty cool.

JDROP: Before you joined the band, did you have a favorite tune? And if so, what was it?

MET CLUB: Whiplash.

State97: What is your favorite song to play live? I know James likes Thingy.

MET CLUB: Sanitarium... Sad But True.. Disposable Heroes

DMConner: How do you and the other guys feel about bootlegs? Do you or they collect any?

MET CLUB: Yes, we all collect them, Lars has the most... I think they are healthy, but I don't like to sign them, cause you never know what's on them.

W1A1S1P1: Everytime You guys play Seek and Destroy, James says you traded it for a case of ----- beer, how ---- was it??

MET CLUB: How ------ did the song sound? Say that six times.

T Droopy: What city do you think has the best crowd and who is producing new one and any big arguments?! Will another live album come out for next tour?

MET CLUB: Jakarta.....Lars (Bob Rock) Ulrich... All of the time... Anybody's guess right now.

METALMN432: What went on between you guys and Gn'R? Will you do another tour like that, double bill?

MET CLUB: Absolutely nothing... Anything is possible.

EvilCarlos: Is there a reason why you don't wear other band's t-shirts onstage anymore, like you used to? Are you gonna have a regular stage next time?

MET CLUB: I do still wear other bands t-shirts.... No, it will be irregular.

B 0145: You guys claim you can drink alot but I dunno, what is the most you ever drank? I had a streak of 70 beers in 100 hours earlier this month.

MET CLUB: We like to have a drink but that is insane!

NO1257: Ok, enough serious questions, here's what we REALLY want to know Jase: Boxers, briefs or bikinis?

MET CLUB: I switch...change is good.

KELLCEE: Which one member of Metallica would you say you have the closest friendship with?

MET CLUB: Ulrich

HornedKing: Are you guys done with the club-only release? When is it coming out?

MET CLUB: We are just finalizing details, look for info in SO WHAT.. it's gonna be cool!

MetalLisa: I think it's GREAT of y'all to do these chats with us. Do you or any of the guys get online from home?

MET CLUB: Kirk does alot, I get it in my studio.. I also check the message boards

KevinH4474: what will the drums be like this album? Will there be any double bass (please)?

MET CLUB: Too loud.. yes, a little double bass.

Fenderusr: Any plans on how long the next tour will be?

MET CLUB: Just Long enough.

Boaris: Would you like a llama for backpacking? I can deliver it (in person).

MET CLUB: Thanks, maybe later. We'll let you know... is it pretty?

JDROP: Any songs you'd like to see Metallica cover?

MET CLUB: Anything by Die Krupps.

State97: Kirk gave My dad permission to name a race horse "Master of Puppets" but said that the band got part of the winnings if it won the Kentucky Derby. How much do you want and how do we contact you?

MET CLUB: We want our pay in glue and dog food.. contact editor of SO WHAT.

DMConner: Are there any plans for another live medly? What?

MET CLUB: Sure, you bet ya!! Actually, it's going to be a live Elvis medley ;)

W1A1S1P1: At a show you guys did in Keene, NH 6/12/94 You were not feeling well, and if I remember right you did some singing after you came back on stage, what happened?

MET CLUB: I remember it well, it was a ugly neck deal.

T Droopy: Jason how can we be sure this is you? Could you come to my house?

MET CLUB: Ask me a question only I would know the answer to

METALMN432: Did you guys hang out in Roanoke? If so where what is your favorite place to hang out here?

MET CLUB: I really don't know.

EvilCarlos: Do you think Metallica will ever just end it all.. or will you keep going and going like Kiss?

MET CLUB: We will bow out gracefully , is my wish.

JamezHet: Ok, 1) Jason, did you get the amount of bass trax you wanted on this album?

MET CLUB: I am definately getting them, we have a great understanding now.

JamezHet: 2) Do you think the album will be released earlier with your progress?

MET CLUB: It will be released when we are done with it, there is still a lot of work to be done.

MET CLUB: Thanks folks!! It's been great...see ya!

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