This was a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Jason Newsted held on June 3rd, 1995.

JessUM: Hi Jason... are you contributing more writing on the new disc and if not.. why not?

MET CLUB: Yes, I am by God!

Tuturuku: Besides the usual privacy invasion due to fame, what else has fame cost you, Jason?

MET CLUB: My sanity.

GOSHEN400: Any singing on the side, spare time?

MET CLUB: All of the time.. many side projects.

Moviegal: Hi Jason, will you be singing lead on any songs on the new album?

MET CLUB: I'll be singing it, just don't know if they will be recording it.

BREADFAN 9: When is the next tour going to start, late this year or sometime next year?

MET CLUB: After the release of the new disc.. sometime next year.

Orion 8386: Hey Jasun --What B-sides (cover tunes) will we see on the singles released off the album this time?

MET CLUB: We have a few in mind but I will not spoil the surprise now.

JrTweety: Have you played basketball in school or somewhat professionally?

MET CLUB: No, only in the NBA.. the Newsted Basketball Association Northern California Chapter.

Jaymz666: How many tunes are going to be on the album? Master meets Black???

MET CLUB: More than 5, less than 50 approximately.

CPALee: Why did you choose bass guitar as your instrument of choice?

MET CLUB: It was Kiss, Gene Simmons!

Mtlmlitia: Hey Jason! what's up? 1.) What do think of the people who say that you don't belong in Metallica? When is Metallica going to play a gig in my backyard?

MET CLUB: Thank you... when you come up with the money and a younger sister.

BUDJUI: Who is going to produce the next album?

MET CLUB: Lars (Bob Rock) Ulrich.

MarkSowhat: Has their been any "creative tension" in the studio so far?

MET CLUB: No, only fun.

Stevene127: Has James finished writing lyrics yet? - What are the titles?

MET CLUB: Don't you mean started? Yes, a lot of working titles.

JessUM: Is the band going to be debuting any of the new tunes at the Molson gig?

MET CLUB: You just never know, do ya? ;)

MetalKaryn: Do you plan to tour for the next album as much as you did for the Black Album?

MET CLUB: Probably.

GOSHEN400: Hows about some hints to any meanings in the new songs,cats dogs,etc.... pleez :-) messages

MET CLUB: Social and domestic disputes with big hunks of wood.

Moviegal: Have you guys thought about who you would like to have open for you on the next tour?

MET CLUB: Yeah, Kyuss.

BREADFAN 9: Since my friends aren't here they told me to ask if you would like to invest in our band and do you like Offspring?

MET CLUB: Not especially, I don't dislike them, but I am not a fan or anything..... ask Kirk about investing.

Orion 8386: Where are you right now? What CD's are in your changer? Can you recommend some good blues albums?

MET CLUB: I am in the sunshine... Social Distortion, Soul Train Box Hits.. Terrance Trent D'arby's new one.. Kool and the Gang.. Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. These days it's good just to buy collections of blues, Albert King, Albert Collins..1960's Buddy Guy and BB King.

JrTweety: What do you think you would be doing (career wise) if you did not succeed in music?

MET CLUB: Trying to succeed in music

MetalKaryn: I think your hair loooks cool either way, but why did you cut it?

MET CLUB: A drunken bet with Lars Ulrich... you're really gonna like it now!

Jaymz666: What do you think of Flotsam's new album 'Drift'? How about jammin' with my band? Seriously!

MET CLUB: Good record.. great drumming. Where is your band?

Jaymz666: Illinois!

MET CLUB: Be more specific.

Jaymz666: Suburb of Chicago called Wonder Lake.

MET CLUB: I'll keep it in mind next time I'm there.

CPALee: People are always comparing you to Cliff - does this bother you? Why so or why not?

MET CLUB: No, it does not bother me..because he was taller and cooler.

BUDJUI: What do you like to do for recreation?... Besides music.

MET CLUB: Basketball, mountain biking and drums.

MarkSowhat: Do you know what kind of stage setup you guys will have for the next tour?

MET CLUB: It's going to be shaped in a big M for Mark and Metallica, Maybe.

Stevene127: What did Lars mean by the word "greasy" in Rolling Stone? Can you compare the term to any previous song?

MET CLUB: Yeah, like Sad But True vein.. I think that's what he meant.

Monte78: Are you gonna have a whole new sound on the new CD, or the same great Metallica we all love?

MET CLUB: It's going to be Metallica and it will sound like Metallica.

JHouhou403: How's the hair (or lack thereof) coming along!!!???

MET CLUB: Albert Einstien is my new role model for hairstyles.

JessUM: I hear your dad lives here in Lexington, KY, do you visit him often and how do you like Lexington?

MET CLUB: He used to have a place there, but he doesn't anymore.

GOSHEN400: How do you feel about fans following the next tour and in the future? Nomads, parasites, etc.

MET CLUB: I don't mind it at all, sort of a cool thing, the dedication and all the madness.

Moviegal: Will there still be a Snake Pit for the next tour? (If so, I'm there!)

MET CLUB: We're thinking at least one, hopefully!

OzOsbourne: How come no tracks from you On Nativity in Black or Kiss My Ass? I would suggest Love Gun.

MET CLUB: Just cause we don't do that kind of thing ;)

Orion 8386: What was the last concert you went to? How come your parts on AJFA are just mirrors of Jamyz' parts?

MET CLUB: Slayer. Because that was the mode at the time.

JrTweety: I'm going to be getting married, do you have any advice to give me? (By the way, I'm 21)

MET CLUB: Have a good time!

Jaymz666: Are you a fan of the Misfits? If so, what are your favorite tunes? About jammin', call me!!

MET CLUB: Yes, favorite is Legacy of Brutality and Earth AD

CPALee: Does the band need a new CPA?- I'm available...LOL... Seriously, what do your parents think about your choice of occupation?

MET CLUB: My parents are happy that I pursued a career that I truly desired.

BUDJUI: Any "new" bands that you particularly like?

MET CLUB: Monkey Planet...Sexoturica

Stevene127: Have the songs been from the long, accumulation of demo/riff tapes, or from very recent ideas?


Monte78: Stupid question.. What year is your Mustang and what kind of engine do you have in it? What are the chances James will call me?

MET CLUB: The red one is 67 fastback, 289 Hi-Pro... They say the chances are good.. if you get enough Metalli-Members.

JHouhou403: Do you sing lead on any of the new songs on the new album?

MET CLUB: Yeah.. a bunch ;)

MET CLUB: Ok folks... time flies.. see ya.. it's been fun!!

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