This was a public chat for AOL members with Jaymz Hetfield held on April 13th, 1997.

OnlineHost: James Hetfield, Welcome to AOL!

Question: Hey James, What's your favorite Metallica song?

MET CLUB: I'd have to say the "Thing That Should Not Be," From "Master of Puppets."

Question: What advice would you give a guitar player in high school who wants be just like you?

MET CLUB: Stop now while you can... Joke.


AOLiveMC5: hahahaha

MET CLUB: Serious answer would be.. Play along with the music you like listening to. That's how I started.

Question: I have been told that you may put off the release of your next album. Is this true? Do you have a name for the album yet? If so, what?

MET CLUB: No name yet; The songs are already written. Just need to finish the recording of them over the summer, with the release planned before Christmas of '97.

Question: Hey Jaymz, What's your favorite Metallica song?

MET CLUB: We answered that one etc...)

Question: James, are you guyz gonna release another box set or live video? I heard a rumor about this.

MET CLUB: There are plans to film one of the shows this spring, but no plans on what we will do with it yet.

Question: Dear Jaymz, what gauge and model do you use of Ernie Ball Strings?

MET CLUB: 10 gauge/steel

Question: Will the club please start taking FAN CAN '98 orders now so we can have them for Christmas please?

MET CLUB: Ha ha.. whatever money you want to send us, don't expect back haha Seriously..the '97 Fancan will be out before the '98 one.

Question: Jaymz I wanna get a tattoo of the new logo or the scary guy, and I need to know your opinion on this?

MET CLUB: If it is not a rub on tattoo, you had better really think about it, you may think we suck next year.

Question: How did Metallica form?

MET CLUB: Out of sheer boredom at work.

Question: What guitar player influenced you the most?

MET CLUB: Tony Iommi.

Question: James, Do you foresee any other Metallica albums coming out after the release of "Load 2?"

MET CLUB: I can't think that far ahead.. we concentrate on one album at a time.

Question: Why did you change your style of music? To be more specific, why did you change from the heavy metal style to more of a alternative style?

MET CLUB: We write Metallica songs, we don't follow what is popular. Thanks for letting me know that we are an alternative band.

Question: The video for "Until it Sleeps" is reminiscent of paintings by the Dutch Renaissance artist Heironymus Bosch. Did Bosch's work provide inspiration for the video?


Question: I heard a rumor that another band member is getting married? Is this true and if so please tell me its not you!!

MET CLUB: Why, what's wrong with me? No plans that I have heard of.

Question: Any new Covers on the B sides of singles? (Breadfan, So What etc...)

MET CLUB: The full version of "Outlaw Torn" should be on one. We are still arguing over what bands to cover.

Question: Did you enjoy Boston as much as Boston enjoyed having you at the Fleet Center?

MET CLUB: The best concert of my life... again, ha ha.. the place did sound very good.

Question: Are you guyz gonna re-release" Garage Days Revisited?"

MET CLUB: We have heard that question plenty of times, and yes eventually, it will resurface -so join the Fan Club now...

Question: Jaymz are we gonna get another Phoenix date? Hell man I'll drive to Tucson to see you guys!

MET CLUB: Tucson is a possible next summer of '98.

Question: I know the new album is nearly done, but after its release, man are we gonna have to wait another 5 years man? Please don't stay away that long man!

MET CLUB: No, man, not another 5 years.

AOLiveMC5: That's good to know.

MET CLUB: None of us can wait that long again.

Question: Whose idea was it for the explosive ending of the concert? I caught the show in Las Cruces, NM with Korn.

MET CLUB: Did we fool you? It was a collaborative effort of us all.

Question: James, to what do you attribute Metallica's longevity over other bands that formed around the same time, i.e. Metal Church, Anthrax, etc.?

MET CLUB: Haircuts, ha ha, seriously our connections with the fans (join the club ha ha) and our "sibling rivalry" keeping each other in check.

Question: Aren't you EVER gonna get tired of being on the road? It seems like you've toured for like 8 years straight!

MET CLUB: Metallica has always been a live band; that is how we got our initial fans and it is the funnest part of being in a band.

OnlineHost: For info on Metallica fan club, E-mail your full name and postal address to Met Club.

Question: Hey James! Rumor has it the Mustaine might play the keyboards for Metallica is that so?

MET CLUB: If he is lucky. We are looking for a washboard player though.

Question: What do you think of the music scene now? Will it have an effect on your later recordings?

MET CLUB: We don't pay attention to what go on around us too much, except when pyrotechnics go off.

AOLiveMC5: Here's one from a fan wishing for recognition tomorrow night:

Question: Will you play "Creeping Death" tomorrow night in Nashville? I'm going and could you dedicate it too Josh West?

MET CLUB: I am not good at dedications, but we will be playing "Creeping Death" just for you and everyone else.

Question: Do you and the band feel obligated to play any songs in particular at your shows? Thanks, and keep up the awesome concerts.

MET CLUB: "Creeping Death" haha. There are some songs we feel we must play for ourselves like Fade to Black.

Question: Why not printed lyrics inside "Load?" Are the ones found on the Internet totally accurate?

MET CLUB: No they are not.. join the club to get the real ones.


Question: Whatever happened to the white Flying V that some of your older fans remember so well?

MET CLUB: It is in a few pieces in my closet.

Question: Do members of Metallica do musical projects outside the band? Like solo work or other stuff on the side?

MET CLUB: Personally, I have no time for that; all my time is spent concentrating on Metallica. Jason will jam with anyone.

Question: I was wondering if you ever kept in touch with Mike Burgess, the Motherload contest winner, & if a video will ever be released of the show to the public? Also, did he really get to keep all that equipment?!?!

MET CLUB: It just so happens that there footage of that and MORE in the '97 Fan Can 2.

Question: James - Hi, I had tickets and backstage passes to your show in Buffalo on the 25th of March - why is it that you, Kirk, And Lars don't come back after the show (backstage)?

MET CLUB: Someone has to load the trucks.

Question: I play the guitar in a band, how do you keep the band from killing each other during practices?

MET CLUB: We don't practice.

Question: James, what was your life like as a kid?

MET CLUB: Smaller.

Question: How old were you when you got in your first band?

MET CLUB: 15, Obsession was my first band.

Question: How long did it take you to learn how to play the guitar?

MET CLUB: Still learning, but constant practice after school with buddies the competition helped push me.

Question: The early Metallica songs featured a lot of Lovecraft-ian influences... was that from Cliff?

MET CLUB: Yes, he was into the Lovecraft mythos and introduced Kirk and I to it.

Question: What was the best day of your life?

MET CLUB: I am waiting for it! Nice chatting with ya, see ya somewhere on the road.

AOLiveMC5: James Hetfield, thank you so much for coming.

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