This was a private chat for MET CLUB members only with Jaymz Hetfield held on April 13th, 1997.

MET CLUB: ok Gizzrd go


MET CLUB: Rocket from the Crypt.. COC

Metal62: Instrumentally wise, what do you think is the hardest song you ever made?

MET CLUB: To Live is to Die

Dirtnap101: Do you really like doing this (talking with fans and stuff)???

MET CLUB: When I get good questions!

TalikaMom: Do you always dedicate Wasting My Hate to COC, as you did the past two nights, and why?

MET CLUB: Cause they are worthy of a dedication. I think they are a good band and want people to notice them more

Ouija ESP: I got to hang out with Mike Dean a couple of nights here in Chicago. Did you play guitar on Deliverance. Is this true was he lying his ass off to me?

MET CLUB: He is half lying out of half of his ass, I sang on Wiseblood CD.

Cthulu2110: Oh.. I'm just gonna kinda wing it here, k? First off, what do you think of the fans that think they kinda sorta own a piece of the band

MET CLUB: No one owns anyone, there should be mutual respect

TAMITARIUM: I met you in AZ and it was the best night ever ....what was your inspiration for MAMA SAID?

MET CLUB: That song was not intitially meant for Metallica, just a tune for myself... bored in a hotel room.

TAMITARIUM: Well, I love the song.

REAPER9666: Jaymz Would you ever play JUST the 2nd half of MOP live??

MET CLUB: No, if we were to play the 2nd half it would be the full version and we obviously don't want to do that so that we have time to play other songs

MightyHet: Will "The Chase is Better Than The Catch" and "We Are the Road Crew" be released as b-sides? And what will the next US single be?

MET CLUB: They may show up at some time... Mama Said MAY be released

MightyHet: Cool! Thanx, Jaymz!

KLA 679: What do you like the most about hunting?

MET CLUB: Getting away from people... becoming an animal.

KLA 679: Sounds like a great idea

Yeagstr: James, my friend Alex was wondering who do you think is gonna win the Stanley Cup??

MET CLUB: Safe bet.. not the Sharks

DAMNGOOD3: Whats the main guitar effects processor that you use in the Black album that gives that great metal crunch sound in the Black album and ...And Justice For All? I wont tell any one.

MET CLUB: There is no effects processer... my ESP guitar.. with EMG pickups through Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis. ...and a Bob Rock

DAMNGOOD3: lol... I bet

MetalKaryn: What qualities to you look for in a girlfriend?

MET CLUB: A volume knob.

Jaymz666: What do you think of the new Danzig album & the resurrection of the Misfits.

MET CLUB: I am not a fan of the new Danzig album or industrial music in general, the Misfits album surprised me it sounds a lot better than I was expecting. The writing and phrasing remind me of the early Misfits, which I love.

KizBitt: James, First off, I love you. Anyway, Whats up with the rumors about you having tinnitus?

MET CLUB: what? pardon?

W Malagant: What the ---- inspired you to pull the MTV Euro stunt? :) LOL! Did they fine you...? :)

MET CLUB: They didn't fine us but in replays of the show we were not found. The show was so boring and Un-Metallica we decided to take extreme measures to entertain at least ourselves and crew.

HSwann: "Mama Said" reminds me a lot of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song "Simple Man". Was this an influence for the song? Have you ever considered playing a Skynyrd cover live?

MET CLUB: I would have no problem with that.. there is some truth to the Skynyrd connections I was overdosing on Skynyrd at that time

MetalHeads: I think Cliff would've liked the musical quality of "Load", what do you think?

MET CLUB: I am sure he does.

RACHROCK: What "BLM" area is your favorite to hunt and what's your favorite kill and how big was it... and I live in San Jose, so how about a ride in the back of your Ram?

MET CLUB: I usually hunt on private land or at the local mall, biggest kill, so far was mule deer in colorado but i have a Wyoming elk trip planned this fall.

KZ South: Hey Jaymz!! Any more suprise songs for us on the end of the tour?? (Devil's D, Fuel, Disco)

MET CLUB: We do fiddle around with some of the new riffs when we first hit the stage but we are very excited to get in the studio to finish up the songs.

JDROPP: You guys have been playing 2 songs from #7, Devil's Dance and Fuel... is this an indication of the feeling or vibe for the new one? (Is that line in Fuel "Replace my blood with gasoline?)

MET CLUB: no, but thanks for the lyrics.... "it's quench my thirst with gasoline" the next record will be more... dense than Load less extreme

JLyric1: what 3 cd's would you not want to be without??

MET CLUB: the first Skynyrd.. rocket from the crypt's scream dracula scream... Partidge Family's greatest hits, for it's intense lyrics.

LadyTalica: Hi James!! What did you think of all the negativaty about Load? I personally love Load

MET CLUB: Once people realized that hair doesn't make you play better then they could really listen to the CD and realize there are some good tunes on there.

DigCMetal: James.. this is Stephan in Landover, 2 great shows by the way..can we nominate you for an acting award? what do you think of Manson?

MET CLUB: Old charlie writes some good lyrics

Coni123: When will we have another private party like Slims maybe more personal or like a party!!

MET CLUB: Possibly before the next tour to work out some bugs from the next studio album.

KingStep: What's the worst thing that happened to you guys on the road so far?.... and did you get any comments on the Gavin deal at the awards..?

MET CLUB: bus accident in Sweden

ALAN 0311: I was talking to Ron Mcgoveny and he said "NICK" the club booth, tried to get in bed with him.. is Nick gay?

MET CLUB: No, but his boyfriend is.


MET CLUB: I snowboard and have for 3 seasons, have not done any on the east coast but CO and CA plenty.

GLLWS RD: Did playing in Hampton bring back memories of the last US show with Cliff ?

MET CLUB: Cliff's with us at every show.

JaymzGrrl: Jaymz we are driving from L.A. to Reno for the show May 14 and was wondering if we could meet ya and party with ya after the show I'll bring the Coors ..and the Tequila.

MET CLUB: sure.. check with road crew.. they know where the party is.

Mizblu: Who plots the direction of the tours, I mean Fargo ND in Feb. and TX in May?

MET CLUB: Lars, he is from Denmark.. he loves it cold.. it keeps his head from swelling

Mizblu: could be worse, could be TX staduim.

MET CLUB: ok... thanks for showing.. Carole is tired of typing and is making me quit.

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