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Wrath of Man picks

Some folks have wondered if there are two versions of the Wrath of Man picks. Stéphane Troy kindly donated several of these picks to help us do a detailed analysis.

The short version is that while several picks do in fact seem to be very different, they are just shifted noticably left-right or up-down. We'll show the analysis below. There's also a lot of variances in the deepness of the purples, but we believe that is natural fluctuations in the ink of a given run.

First, lets just look at the 3 different picks next to each other.

The easiest place to see how these lines up is the right edge of the front, so let's start there. First, we'll cut out the purple edge from the two most different picks, then we'll make one semi-transparent, and then move it over the other to show they line up.

The same is true for the bottom:

And finally, lets look at the back, at the top. You can see it's just down-shifted slightly on some picks. There's a slight rotation to the picks when we scanned them, but you can see the art itself is the same.

Based on this analysis, it's clear that this is just slight shifts in where the pick is on the conveyer belt when it gets stamped.

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