This is what Metal Edge had to say about ReLoad

Got an advance tape of Re-Load today. On the whole, I like what I heard a lot. Starts out with "Fuel," one of the ones I heard at the studio, loved then, and still do now. A burner. "The Memory Remains" is a slow groove song--didn't hear this before after all (record company made a title mistake and had me thinking "My Eyes," which I did hear, had been retitled as such). It has Marianne Faithfull on backing vocals and I don't like that part of it.
This one is the first single but I can't figure that out--I can think of 10 better picks for singles!

"Devil's Dance" is a cool, heavy groove song you may have heard live. "The Unforgiven II" revisits "The Unforgiven"--same melody, different lyrics. Still cool. "Better Than You" is definitely one to headbang to. "Slither" is a catchy midtempo song with a heavy groove--a lot of them are heavy groove songs, like the next two, "Carpe Diem Baby" and "Bad Seed" (another one I'd heard and liked at the studio). "Where The Wild Things Are" used to be called "Martini." It's kind of slow and atmospheric but the guitar solo is great--actually all the guitar work is great. "Prince Charming" is the fastest tune on the album. Rockin' and killer! "Low Man's Lyric" used to be called "My Eyes," and is a folky sort of ballad with a hurdy-gurdy on it. This album's "Mama Said." "Attitude" has plenty of it--this one smokes. "Fixxer" ends it with an intense groove jam thing that goes over 8 minutes. Several songs (5) are over 6 minutes, but this is the longest on the album. If you liked "Ain't My Bitch" and "King Nothing" from Load, a lot of these are in that vein.

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