Contributing to the Pick List

As you know, IPOM is a free service that costs us a lot of time and money to build. There are many ways to contribute, this page covers the details of contributing picks.

What Picks We Need

Any pick we don't have an image for on the site is likely a pick we need. If you want an easy way to get a list, this link will show only picks with missing images (you can browse to 'semi-official' from there).

There are two ways to contribute picks we're missing images of - you can donate or lend. Regardless of what you want to do, please reach out to us via FB, IG, or email so we can make arrangements.

NOTE: We do not post scans or photos sent to us. In order to ensure that scans on the site can reliably be compared to each other to help people determine the difference between similar variations of picks, all our scans are done using the same scanner with the same settings. We've even spent quite a lot of money on ebay to replace our scanner with an identical one when it broke. So other photos, scans, etc., cannot be accepted.

Donating Picks

The best way to help is to donate picks. Got two of the same pick at a show? Send them or way! We'll cover shipping for all donations and of course credit you on the site.

Lending Picks

If you'd like to lend us a pick we need, you can mail it to us with tracking and we will return it to you with tracking. If you are worried about mailing it, reach out, we may be able to meet up at shows! We will of course credit you on the site.

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