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Welcome to the Insanity Palace Of Metallica, or as we call it, IPOM. IPOM is a website dedicated to bringing the most Metallica to as many people as we can. We attempt to be a creative website, and have things that other sites don't, such as a Lyric Theory section, where you and other visitors can share your thoughts on what the songs' lyrics mean.

Want to know what songs you have and have not yet seen live? Check out our Personal Tour Report! Then look through nearly every setlist in the band's history in our Tour Archive.

Of course we maintain the obvious necessities too, such as the most up-to-date News section on the 'net, a Lyric World with lyrics to every song the band has written or covered, Message Boards and much, much more.

So browse around and enjoy one of the best Metallica sites around!

Disclaimer: Any likeness or similarity to any other site, w/out it's permission, is purely unintentional and accidental. If there is a discrepancy e-mail me, and I'll see what can be done.

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